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Deeds issued from the office of the Register of Deeds John Brindle, June 1-15


Atwell Township

Thomas H. Redden and wife to Kristen Cichosz, $850,000

David D. Watts to Clarence Mayo and wife, $22,500

David R. Beaver and wife to Paul L. Beaver, $245,000

Bruce J. Cooper, Trustee of the Bruce John Cooper Trust to Lou-Lou Holdings, LLC, $155,000

Edward A. Baker and spouse to Michael Alan Barnhardt and spouse, $130,000

Christine M. Feeney and spouse to Robert Eldridge Jr. and spouse, $500,000

CMH Homes, Inc. to David E. Hospodar and wife, $200,000

Michael R. Call and wife to Johnny Darnell Perry, Jr. and wife, $185,000

Johnny D. Perry Jr. and wife to David Wayne Helms, $115,000

Daniel Brian Diaz and wife to Saulon Acosta Santana $26,000

Ridgewater Construction, LLC to Ryan N. Harkey and wife, $425,000

Sheryee Joan West and husband; James Brady Burgess and wife; Tony W. Burgess Jr. and wife; Terri Lachelle Roberts and husband; Amber Burgess Belandria and husband to Alan L. West Jr., $54,000

Charles W. Harrington and wife to Angel Childress Emerson and husband, $15,000

Ambrose G. McCall; Amy Lynn Robertson; Nancy E. Williamson to David Langen; Cassandra Langen, $204,000

Donna McDaniel, beneficiary of the Ernest E. Montgomery Revocable Trust to Joseph Keller, $250,000


China Grove Township

Dependable Development to True Homes, $33,500

Tommy Mitchell Martin and wife to Todd L. Sechler and wife, $20,000

Tommy M. Martin, executor of the estate of Rosa Lee B. Martin, and individually, and wife; Douglas B. Martin to Todd L. Sechler and wife $20,000

Lee W. Dilorenzo and wife to George P. Williams IV and wife, $299,000

Grove Construction Company, Inc. to GT Properties of NC, Inc., $8,000

True Homes, LLC to Ajsha Lanay Smith, $190,000

Heath W. Rogers and spouse to Christopher Jack Armstrong, $225,000

Edwin Belk and wife to Alisha M. Beam, $180,000

Charles L. Mault and wife to Ricky Wayne Hardin, $50,000

Rabon Properties, LLC to Joshua K. Farmer and wife, $210,000

James A. Osborne; David L. Osborne and wife; Teresa Osborne Fite and husband; James Lee Osborne to Randy E. Bentley Construction, LLC, $20,000

Hutch’s Real Estate Inc. to Matthew Broadway and wife, $342,000

True Homes, LLC to Nicole S. Joyner; Raydin L. Ovalles Guzman, $204,500

Justin D. Frazier and wife to A & B Rental Properties, LLC, $115,000

Charles N. Brown Jr. and wife to Justin David Frazier and wife, $160,000

Jason Lee Overcash and wife; Michael Todd Biddy and wife to Karel New and wife, $139,000

David Dwayne McLain and wife to Rodney Van McLain, $10,000

Eric C. Troyer and wife to Keith Kannenberg and wife, $134,000

AJAJ Land Investments, LLC to Magdolna Karaszi, $143,000

T-Four, LLC to Russell L. Wright and wife, $144,000

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to Kelly Murdock, $48,500

Judy D. Gibson; Ricky Lee Simmons; Sandra Ann Simmons Cress; Teresa Kay Simmons Sweatt and husband; Angela Gayle Simmons Rogers; Lynn Ann Simmons McGlenn and husband to Heath Rogers and wife, $20,000

Bruce D. Jones and wife to Ronald Eugene Malcolm and wife, $165,000

Rita C. Hall to Alec Jacob Baker, $145,000

Brian Evans to Cynthia W. Barnhardt; Lesley E. Petrea, $91,000

Phillip B. Cottraux and wife to Brenda Lee Wendell, $137,000

Ramon Elias Gutierrez and wife to Patra Villicana Rodriguez, $65,000

Phillip Campbell to PP&I, LLC, $40,500

Rebecca B. Whitman, individually and as administrator of the estate of Joe Daniel Bowlin, and husband to Christopher R. Watts and wife, $35,000

Journey Capital, LLC to Rachel Mazur, $194,000

Judy Raper Wilhelm; Loyd Raper Jr. and wife to Michael Simolke; Lindsey Simolke, $70,000

Troy L. Fleming and wife to John C. Ross and wife, $120,000

Almond Home Builders Inc. to Leigh Ann Kelley, $175,000

Melissa Friedman and husband to Donahue Properties Inc., $17,000

The Sloop Family, LLC to Dorothy H. Bradshaw, $35,000

Thomas E. Dial; Daryle D. Phillips and husband; Charles J. Dial and wife; Michael H. Dial and wife to Marcus Edwin Dial, $60,000


Cleveland Township

Deborah S. Leitch to Robert L. Brooks Jr. and wife, $60,000

Patricia L. Bivens; Cynthia L. Jurney and husband to Robert A. Beecham and wife, $175,000


Franklin Township

John F. Rink to Stefen Petry and wife, $140,000

Harriet P. Murphy; Kay M. Paul; Laura M. Mignone and husband; Margaret M. Chambless and husband to Sue Graham Hartsell, $163,000

Nicholas B. Rabi and wife to Earl B. Givens Jr. and wife, $175,000

Jason E. Bryant to Osiris Lizeth Coello Rivera, $195,000

Carol C. Leonard, individually and as executor of the estate of Betty Cruse, and husband to Milton A. Mull and wife, $167,000

Mark L. Patton to Emma Teressa Knox, aka Teressa Hudson Knox and husband, $118,000

Alan M. Paterno and wife to Karen Edwards, $136,000

Brandon Lea Strickland Downs, fka Brandon Lea Strickland and husband to Donald G. Kesler; Kara A. Graham, $242,000

Michael J. Whisenant and wife to Gwynn G. Mangler, $116,500

Tammy E. Scott, fka Tammy E. Voncanon and husband to Ralph L. Baker Sr., $44,000

High Rock Realty Holdings, LLC to Graham Tree Properties, LLC, $72,000

Kenneth B. Fink to Cindy B. Fink, $123,000


Gold Hill Township

Tonya Michelle Isaman, fka Tonya Michelle Wood and husband to Michael Daryl Edwards and wife, $150,000

Carolyn G. Morrison to Jeffrey B. Duncan and wife, $45,000

Brenda B. Ashley, aka Brenda Bame Ashley, by and through her attorney-in-fact, Jody Ashley Hood; Jody Ashley Hood and husband; Brian Scott Ashley, by and through his agent, Jody Ashley Hood and wife, by and through her agent, Jody Ashley Hood to Scott Andrew Larson and wife, $291,000

Joseph M. Cosgriff and wife to Tyler W. Perry, $153,000

James W. Kinney and wife; George G. Kinnery; Sarah M. Kinney and husband to Julius M. Waller and wife, $19,000

Mary Helen Kluttz Shive, by & through her attorney-in-fact, Wendell H. Kluttz to Deborah Hammill Messick, $30,000

Laura J. Seamone to Linda L. Lisk, $115,000

Department of Veterans Affairs to Anna Yvonne Lyerly, $55,500


Litaker Township

Norman L. Dufresne to Paul T. Platt; Donald M. Platt and spouse, $245,500

Jason W. Brilliant; Michelle H. Brilliant to Daniel J. Nailie; Tammy Y. Nailie $146,000

Carl Andrew Shahan and wife to Christopher R. Mayer; Lanett S. Hughes, $165,000

Samuel E. Adkins and wife to Donald Greg Beaver, $169,000

Nathan P. Brink Sr. and wife to Richard Glenn Morris and wife, $196,500

Stephen Wesley Smith and wife to Lee Nicholas Aldridge and wife, $102,000

Brett A. Taylor and wife to Craig Lund and wife, $227,000

Steven C. Sellers and wife to Joseph A. Bugg and wife, $395,000

Future Horizons, LLC to Howard W. Brown, Jr., $153,000

Randy F. Brewer and wife to Joe Thomas Hooks and wife, $140,000

Gary Wayne Reid Sr.; Judy Reid to Leslie Cooke and husband, $49,000

Gregory Allen Walker and wife to Holly D. Cline, $140,000

Rodney Dale Power to James D. Roach and wife, $335,000

Joseph Hunter Hudson and wife to Kenneth D. Pruett and wife, $145,000

Main Street Trustees, LLC to Farmers & Merchants Bank, $56,000


Locke Township

Jared T. Ingram and wife to Maria E. Rodriguez, $166,000

Ryan Scott Hodgins and wife to Ethan W. Pless; Jocelyn A. Parnell, $168,000

Jerry A. Swink to Janice L. Swink, $41,500

Jerry Cecil Franks to Abilio Ibanez and wife, $83,000

Hubert Bradley Jr. and wife to Kaitlin S. Riordan, $185,000

Earl E. Blackmon and wife to Mario Velazquez, $14,500

Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, $42,000

Onlie G. McLaughlin and wife, by their attorney-in-fact Tracey M. Motley; Tracey McLaughlin Motley and husband to Riccardo Attrill, $1,000

Carolina Concrete Crusing, LLC to Joseph P. Vaughn and wife, $215,000

Richard B. Myers to Justin M. White, $104,000

Buller River Development Partners, LP to Brandon P. Woodward, $150,000

Aaron W. Bamford and wife to Aaron M. Walser and wife, Locke, 2 parcels $238,000

JDSI, LLC to WJH, LLC Locke, 4 parcels $60,000


Morgan Township

Carl. L. Hamby Jr. to Daniel Romero and wife, $50,000

Dewey H. Bryan and wife to Gerald Kidd and wife, $185,000

Jake Webster Cofer and wife to Christopher Burgess and wife, $84,000

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Angel Quintero-Samano; Dora M. Cerero Cordova, $62,000

Leland J. Dement and wife to Suzanne Marie Rubincan, $112,500

Floyd N. Eller and wife to Rodney Dale Campbell, $54,000

Baxter Ribelin Revocable Trust to S&V Staton Family Trust, $230,000


Mt. Ulla Township

Neil L. Benson and wife to Bradley M. Robison and wife, $13,000


Providence Township

Christina L. Thompson, administrator of the estate of Danny Lee Thompson; Christina L. Thompson, individually and husband; Bryan C. Thompson, individually to Troy Glen Cochran and wife, $110,000

George Kendall Weaver and wife to Todd Eric Shepherd and wife, $560,000

Barbara Nappo and husband to Travis J. Konen, $140,000

Sharon A. D’Andrea to Louisa A. Witten, $345,000

Donna Basinger Hamilton and husband to Jerry Leo Riley and wife, $25,000

Dona M. Peacock to Randy E. Brewer and wife, $213,000

Carl I. Fenton-Ray and wife to Phillip Duffell, $227,000

James E. Hampton and wife to Dana M. Draughn, $275,000

Kern Carlton Farms, LLC to Jonathan E. Keener and wife, $60,000

Christopher Pugh and spouse to Victor P. Larosa and spouse, $87,500


Salisbury Township

Lanette S. Hughes to Tracie A. Ballard, $120,000

Sarah Virginia Sims Honeycutt and husband; Rita Ann Sims to Leslie A. Talbott; Mark K. Raboy, $85,000

Joel E. Castaneda Torres to Toma Cousino; Rachael Weeks, $60,000

Jeffrey Dean Poole and wife to Dorothy Jean Wood-Webb and husband, $133,000

Harold Lee Linder to Alex Dee Gibson, $1,000

Milton Mull and wife to Nathaniel L. Phillips, $235,000

WJH, LLC to Ericka Lee; J.L. O’Neal Jr., $157,000

Dorothy Morgan, fka Dorothy N. Houston and husband to Crystal Marie Yeldell, $3,000

WJH, LLC to Betty S. Ikard, $150,000

Belinda J. Birdsey and husband to Michael J. Rudko, $70,000

WJH, LLC to Westley Ford, $165,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to US Bank National Association, $41,000

Dustin Brent Wilson and wife to David Lewis Edwards and wife, $139,000

Don G. Rives and wife; Betsy R. Whitaker and husband to Frankie L. Martin and wife, $16,500

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to SunTrust Mortgage, Inc., $51,500

Julie Anne Williams to Historic Salisbury Foundation, Inc., $15,000

Stone Trustee Services, LLC to Bank of America, NA, $69,000

Deborah Marioneaux Allen and husband; Harold Joseph Marioneaux Jr. and wife; Lucia Anita Marioneaux Martinex to James Blackwood, $124,000

S&S Properties to Ronald S. Wilkerson and wife, $56,500

LRP Hotels of Salisbury, LLC to iCare Holdings Salisbury, LLC, $6,200,000

Bruce C. Goodson and wife to Keasha L. Wilborne, $60,000

XPD Enterprises, LLC to Braulio M. Velez Acevedo and wife, $15,000

Monroe G. Kelsey Jr. and wife to Nora Oreliana, $20,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Village Capital & Investment, LLC, $53,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to US Bank National Association, $48,000

Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Kevin Alvarado, $87,000

Martha E. Clarke; Gina C. Phifer; Jeffery N. Clarke; Kenneth E. Clarke and wife to Yon Consulting, LLC, $20,000

Gregory C. Edds and wife to Lee Baynes Enterprises, LLC, Salisbury, 3 parcels $60,000


Scotch-Irish Township

Karen C. Bell and spouse; James M. Ballard Jr. and spouse; Ginger B. Richardson Anderson; Karen C. Bell as Executor of the Estate of Nancy Young Ballard to Donna Nixon and spouse, $115,000


Steele Township

Beth M. Snover, as co-executor of the estate of Sally G. Murphy and as co-trustee of the Sally G. Murphy Revocable Trust; Caroline M. McAllister, as co-executor of the estate of Sally G. Murphy and as co-trustee of the Sally G. Murphy Revocable Trust to Beth M. Snover and husband, $173,000

Alan L. Hoffner and wife to Chris A. Hoffner and wife, $32,000


Unity Township

Timothy Lee Nesbit and wife to James L. Taylor Jr. and wife, $225,000

Deer Meadows Properties Inc. to Adam White, $100,000

John D. Dagenhardt and spouse to Michael Allen Caldwell and spouse, 3 parcels $379,000




Nesting no more: Eagles appear to have moved on from Duke’s Buck Station


The Smoke Pit leaving downtown Salisbury for standalone building on Faith Road



High School

High school football: Hornets’ Gaither set the tone against West


Salisbury to show off new fire station


Livingstone College to host virtual Big Read events this month


City makes some appointments to local boards, holds off on others to seek women, appointees of color


Education briefs: RCCC instructor honored by Occupational Therapy Association


Second quarter financial update shows promising outlook for city’s budget


Genia Woods: Let’s talk about good news in Salisbury


City attorney will gather more information for Salisbury nondiscrimination ordinance


North Hills planning to hold May fundraiser in person

East Spencer

Developers aim to transform former Dunbar School site into multi-purpose community development


Knox student organizing event to get community cycling


Decision on Essie Mae charter appeal expected Thursday


House passes sweeping voting rights bill over GOP opposition


Police uncover ‘possible plot’ by militia to breach Capitol


States rapidly expanding vaccine access as supplies surge


North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper receives COVID-19 vaccine


North Carolina health officials urge schools to reopen


In letter, PETA criticizes Salisbury Police for K-9 video


Three deaths, 29 new COVID-19 positives reported


Blotter: Bullet holes found in woman’s Park Avenue apartment


Man faces assault charges for domestic incident