George W. Benson: Smoke and mirrors hiding what’s really going on

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 28, 2018

By George W. Benson

I like everyone else am just shocked to see the atrocity that is the U.S. immigration policy in action. Taking babies and children from their parents is the most inhumane act that can be done.

I am sure some children are showing up at the border with “smugglers,” but that says a lot itself. A parent who willfully would let their child go through such an ordeal alone must be very desperate. We cannot imagine how hard it is for young parents in Mexico and Central America trying to raise a family.

While the images of all this is floating in our minds and our focus is on this seemingly abusive policy, we must not lose sight of what is on the other side of the smoke and mirrors.

The Trump Republicans are using this shield to continually pass law after law to remove your freedoms, your hard-earned tax money, and give it to the people who bought them their positions. Make no mistake about it, they are totally happy to see this border disruption as they feel this country is theirs to do what they will with.

I heard Newt Gingrich say the other day the members of the left hate America and will try anything to destroy it. Are you kidding me? The left just wants a chance for all to be treated equal in the eyes of the law just as they are in the eyes or the Lord.

We are a country of immigrants. Unless you are a Native American, your ancestors came from some other country seeking a better way of life for their families.

So please, do not overlook the fact that we are under economic attack by Trump Republicans. We have enough issues right here is Salisbury and Rowan County to fix — poverty, food-insecure children, insufficient housing and a broken education system.

We made a start in the city with an election of people for the people by the people. But turnout was low. We put very little skin in the game.

We must turn up the vote for November.

There are a few people making decisions affecting many that are not being given mandates to do so. Or at the least a mandate by the majority.

The N.C. General Assembly is trying everything in its power to close all loose ends before this short legislative period ends. Do not let them tell you how you can vote, when you can vote, or even who you can vote for. Do not let them control your lives.

Washington is going to try and sneak in cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security while we are focused on the border. We may be too late to stop the onslaught this year, but come November, make your voice heard.

Be a difference. Get out and vote and vote for people who will listen to you, not their donors. Vote Democrat in November.

George W. Benson is third vice chairman of the Rowan County Democratic Party.