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Published 12:00 am Friday, June 22, 2018

Rowan County formally files suit against opioid manufacturers and distributors

Filing suit is absolutely ridiculous. Are you going to file suit against Stihl and Homelite for making chain saws if someone gets cut? Or against Ford and GM if someone gets hurt in an accident? Or against Krispy Kreme if someone gets fat? Stupid! People need to take responsibility for their actions. What a way to waste taxpayers’ money.

— Roger Starkey

Letter: Equal treatment under the law is an American ideal

Per the Constitution, anyone in this country is entitled to equal treatment under the law. Where, pray tell, in this country are children of anyone facing any sort of charges placed in cages?

— Marian Latimer

Editorial: School system gets a shot at renewal

How many shots do they get? The system is a failure. They have had several “restarts” under “hire in the night” Grissom and “show pony” Moody. Where are the current grades for RSS? My bet is that RSS failed again and now they are trying to hide the results with the “restart.”

— Larry Cole

Traffic signals coming down

Traffic exiting South Fulton onto South Main will be at peril. Southbound traffic on South Main cannot be seen from South Fulton. Seldom are cars doing the speed limit or less in this area, and there is a hill and curve on South Main to hide oncoming cars, not to mention the car lot itself on the corner blocking the view. I fail to see what will be accomplished by making this intersection less safe.

— George W. Benson

In the Trenches: Marcus Corry, steadfast and caring

Great article. Marcus is one of the most caring persons that I’ve known. A true gentle man.

— Gene Edward Krueger


— Dawn Holshouser

Thank you for writing this story about Marcus. He is truly a great guy. I know I will always get a smile from him.

— Kevin Auten

Guest editorial: It’s time to give up pushing for voter photo ID

What’s wrong with having people prove their identity with a state-issued ID? You have to show ID to get on a plane, applying for a job, voting in a union, to buy cigarettes or liquor, buying car insurance, buying a firearm, applying for store credit, driving, and dozens of other legitimate everyday uses.

— JR Neumiller

We should be making it easier to vote, not harder. It is so disheartening to see these efforts continue, trying to discourage voters rather than to encourage them. Our voter participation rate is appalling, compared to other countries, already.

— Pat Bullard

Laura Bush: Separating children from their
parents at the border ‘breaks my heart’

I am grateful that the Post published this article that expresses so well my thoughts and feelings on this atrocity. I never believed I would live to to see a day when our nation treated innocent children like this. I am sickened. I am angry. I am heart-broken. And I am afraid. Because the greatness of a nation is measured by how it treats its children. … What next? Dismantle the Statue of Liberty? Or rewrite the inscription by changing “give me” to “deport?”

— Becky Morris

The path to graduation: Jesse C. Carson High School’s Kristi Russell

Proud of you! Keep going and believing.

— Audra Mays Fincher

My Turn: Adair Doran — ‘Safeguard of democracy’ short-changed

Mrs. Doran is a phenomenal teacher, one of the best I had in 20 years as a student. Fortunate for me, when Mrs. Doran was my teacher, we had textbooks and supplemental materials. This is no longer the case. If you doubt that, I beg you to schedule a walk-through of a local public school.

Without adequate funding, we are handicapping our teachers in providing a sound education to our nation’s future and, just as detrimental, we are deterring the Mrs. Dorans from entering the profession. This is a public crisis from which nobody is immune. Pay attention, ask questions, and demand adequate education funding.

— Jennifer Rose

I recently became aware of the lack of textbooks at SHS during a conversation with Ms. Harris, head of the school’s world languages department. “Shocking” is an overused term, but I was genuinely shocked to hear that the department had not had access to new textbooks since before 2010. The social studies department is obviously in the same boat. I know there are many, many demands on limited education funds, but current and adequate instructional materials need to be at the top of the list, not the bottom.

— Laurel Gray Harry

All-County Baseball: Carson’s Cauble handled high expectations

I was one of his students back in 1990 when he first started teaching. Wow! Congrats, Coach Cauble.

— Michelle Sloan

Wayne Hinshaw: World viewed from my belly

Now that’s what I call getting down and dirty. Magnificent photo (thank you for your sacrifice!), and the writing painted a picture all on its own. Great job.

— Carol J. Carpenter

Novant Health psychiatry and recovery centers offer support and understanding to all

And from the picture, it looks like she has one of the original metal Slinkies. The plastic ones don’t make the “slinky” sound as well.

— Jay Mack Williams

Yesterday: Monroe Street School class from 1967-68

The history of Monroe Street School needs to be shared throughout the city as it was the foundation for so many of us and contributed significally to our success.

— Shelia Gorham

School board to discuss becoming ‘renewal district’

Considering that parents have had zero details on what the restart concept means, it will likely be business as usual for Rowan schools. It took me multiple emails, phone calls, and a visit to the Wallace Center to get a very generic answer to what restart means for my kids. Good luck restarting with the same tools, same community, same budget.

— Kelly P. Agnant

I believe that some time also needs to be set aside for the school board to discuss the reasons why 16 of 35 schools would qualify as “restart schools.”

— Jatana Snider Jernigan

Jessica Coates:
Goodbye, first home

Congratulations, Jessica, I will certainly miss your no-nonsense, factual, passionate, thoughtful reporting. You have truly been a special person to this community. Bless you, my friend, and best wishes for all you do,

— Donna Brown Odrosky

Pitcher perfect: A collection, held within
a one-of-a-kind display, reflects a love story

That’s pretty awesome. My grandmother collected pitchers as well.

— Tammy Lynn Walser

Biker group thanks veterans with a barbecue

Wonderful show of support for our veterans.

— Jackie Pate

Prep softball: Carson’s Duncan coach of the year

Well-deserved. Super proud of you, Charissa. Carson has a gem in you. Keep up the great work.

— Tinsley Gordon Merrell

Trinity Oaks gets
‘yarn bombed’

What a happy project. When I visited Milwaukee in 2016, there were several crocheted trees downtown. I didn’t know about “bombing,” but I loved the happy trees, took photos, and smiled every time I walked by them.

— Kathy Vestal

Ann Farabee: The fathers

Wow. You will never ever know what that just meant to me. For so many years, I felt the very same about my daddy. This honestly made me cry because I realize now my daddy loved me, and I know he was proud of me. Thank you, Ann.

— Gail Fuller-White

The path to graduation: South Rowan High School’s Ivy Eakin

So proud of you, Ivy. Keep the drive and determination. I’m glad that you are using your gifts to help encourage others.

— Pattie Simmons

Meet Florence Foster Jenkins and be prepared
to laugh

Steve Stringer did a great job. He certainly is talented. However, Mary Ann McCubbin was amazing. If she had been performing this role on Broadway, she would win a Tony. She was Florence Foster Jenkins.

— Karen Bowyer

Prep softball: Carson’s Duncan coach of the year

Well-deserved. Super proud of you, Charissa. Carson has a gem in you. Keep up the great work.

— Tinsley Gordon Merrell

Other voices: School vouchers still questionable

I am not convinced that a letter grade per school based upon student test results is the best measure of the quality of instruction. But it seems that any school receiving public funds should have some sort of objective measure of effectiveness and accountability. Has the legislature sought input from public and private school leaders on how to fairly and objectively measure a school’s accountability and effectiveness?

— Jeff Morris

Pro Football: Keion Adams graduating, looking forward to camp

Great Story. Best of Luck to you and your family.

— Aaron T. Sewell

Greens of envy: Putting surfaces at Warrior getting major makeover

Looking forward to seeing the new greens.

— Doug Wright