Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 10, 2018

1. Why was there such a big crowd at the Rowan County Animal Shelter this past Wednesday?

A. PETA had organized a demonstration against practices at the shelter

B. There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new addition dedicated to cats

C. The shelter offered an adoption special on dogs and cuts, cutting the normal adoption price by 80 percent

D. The shelter offered a two-hour window during which all adoptions were free

2. Property owners in the 26-home Drummond Village in Salisbury spoke at a public hearing this past Tuesday to lodge their objection to a planned expansion of the subdivision by 150 homes. Along what highway artery is Drummond Village located?

A. Mooresville Road (N.C. 150)

B. East Innes Street (N.C. 52)

C. Stokes Ferry Road

D. Statesville Boulevard (U.S. 70)

3. A pair of Rowan-Cabarrus Community College students, William Bullard and William Almon, won individual national championships at the 53rd annual SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference held in Louisville, Kentucky. Bullard and Almon are enrolled in what program at RCCC?

A. Masonry

B. Electrical engineering

C. Air conditioning, heating and refrigeration

D. Fire science

4. David Cline and his father, Wayne, have returned home after spending a week in the Normandy region of France commemorating the 74th anniversary of the D-Day invasion in 1944. What was the special thing David Cline did in connection with their visit?

A. He sang the U.S. national anthem before the parade in Sainte-Mere-Eglise

B. He was one of 575 NATO paratroopers who landed in a drop zone near Sainte-Mere-Eglise

C. He presented to French officials a U.S. flag that had survived the invasion force hitting Omaha Beach June 6.

D. As the grandson of one of the U.S. Army soldiers who landed on Omaha Beach, Cline was asked to reenact the landing with 1,000 other descendants of the invasion.

5. Reviewing her recent trip to Salisbury’s sister city — Salisbury, England — Mayor Al Heggins said her “platform” focused on what?

A, Promoting Salisbury’s four institutions of higher learning

B. Giving examples of how progressive Salisbury has become

C. Demonstrating Salisbury’s commitment to fire and police readiness

D. Describing through examples how diverse Salisbury is

6. The filing period for candidates seeking the office of Rowan Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor opens at noon Monday and runs until noon July 6. How many soil and water conservation supervisors does Rowan have?

A. Three

B. Five

C. Eight

D. 12

7. Carson High School’s Owen White was a second-round pick in the Major League Baseball draft, going 55th overall to what team?

A. Chicago Cubs

B. Tampa Bay Rays

C. Texas Rangers

D. Arizona Diamondbacks

8. The Rowan County Board of Commissioners voted this past Monday to make county parks tobacco-free. What local agency led the effort to make this happen?

A. Community Care Clinic

B. The Rowan chapter of the American Medical Association

C. Relay for Life

D. Healthy Rowan and its partners

9. For decades, Rowan Museum officials thought the museum had in its possession late 18th century portraits of Matthew Locke and his wife. But Catawba College history professor Gary Freeze thinks they are really another couple. Who?

A. John Steele and his wife

B. Maxwell Chambers and his second wife

C. Archibald Henderson and his daughter

D. Moses Locke and his wife

10. Which Rowan County high school awarded the most diplomas at graduation ceremonies Saturday?

A. West Rowan

B. Carson

C. East Rowan

D. South Rowan



1. C.
2. C.
3. C.
4. B.
5. A.
6. B.
7. C.
8. D.
9. D.
10. A.