Letter: Code names leaked

Published 10:55 pm Sunday, June 10, 2018

Someone in the mob has leaked the code names they have assigned to the White House’s “Hole-in-the-Wall Gang” (no mug shots available).

• Donald “Chins” Trump

• Michael “The Smirk” Pence

• Nikki “Nukes” Haley

• Gen. John “Cue Ball” Kelly

• Gen. James “Bags” Mattis

• Steve “The Mouth” Mnuchin

• John “The Brush” Bolton

• Kelly-Anne “Choppers” Conway

• Rudy “Bugs Bunny” Guiliani

• Scott “Agent 99” Pruitt

This stellar bunch would make a perfect supporting cast in a new Three Stooges movie starring Sean Hannity as Moe, Franklin Graham as Joe and Jerry Falwell Jr. as Larry. A great title would be “The Wild, Wild West Wing.”

— W.L. Poole