Answers to Hurley Park questions — no baseball games here

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 8, 2018

By Danélle Cutting

Hurley Park

Hurley Park is a gem in the city of Salisbury. This park is unlike any other park in the city. Since picking up Hurley Park’s social media campaign, the park has received a lot of questions concerning what is available, hours, and how to support the park. In today’s article, I will provide you some answers to help with all of these questions.

Q: Does Hurley Park have feed machines so that we can feed the ducks on the lake?

A: No, As a matter of fact, Hurley Park does not have a lake. It only has a small pond where the deck is located. Even though we have a pond, we do not offer feed vending machines for the waterfowl. City Park is across the street from Hurley Park and they have waterfowl and provide the feeding machines.

Q: Can I fish in Hurley Park; if so, where do I get the permit?

A: Hurley Park does not allow fishing in the small pond. Fishing is allowed at City Park which is across the street from Hurley Park. You can reach them at 704-638-5295 for fishing inquiries.

Q: Hurley Park is so beautiful; do you allow weddings and other events?

A: Yes. We do rent out the park for weddings and other events. Our most popular areas to rent are the gazebos, bridges and pond area. Hurley Park is the perfect area if you are looking for a natural/outdoor setting but we have special requirements for rentals. Please contact to see if your event can follow our guidelines. There is always something interesting blooming or on display throughout the seasons. Lately, weddings have been very popular. We recommend anyone who is interested in reserving the park to call ASAP at 704-638-2110.

Q: Does Hurley Park have any playgrounds?

A: No. Hurley Park does not have any playground areas, but we do provide a natural setting for activities such as Frisbee, yoga and playing catch. Just bring the supplies. Hurley Park provides trails to meander through the landscape and see unique plants that are not always in the home landscape. Hurley is an extraordinary park in that it is similar to a botanical garden more than a playground type of park.

Q: I see many of the gardens and structures named after families. Are there any more available? How can I donate to Hurley Park?

A: Currently, we do not have any new gardens planned, but the future is never set in stone. Because Hurley Park is a unique partnership with the Hurley Foundation and the city of Salisbury, park friends and visitors can help donate to the park by visiting our website and clicking the donate to Hurley Park button. If your family/friends already have a structure or garden named after them, many of the families and friends continue to donate to help with the garden and structure improvements. The park always needs items that are not visible to the public eye, such as irrigation repair, structure restoration and plant replacements to name a few. This is where donations can help enhance the park immensely. All of the donations given to Hurley Park help with these much-needed items. To help donate, visit:

Q: What are park hours, and what time do the baseball games start?

A: This is another mistaken identity that Hurley Park receives quite frequently. Hurley Park does not have any baseball fields. The park this person is referring to is Salisbury Community Park, and it is located on Hurley School Road, so I guess it is easy to get confused. But as for Hurley Park’s hours, we are open from sun up to sun down. We do not have any exterior lights, so be sure to enjoy the park during daylight hours.

Hurley Park is a wonderful place for the entire family and a great way to reconnect with nature. Without the public’s interest and generosity, Hurley Park would not be what it is today. Hurley Park has celebrated 30 years, and we would love to continue on for many more years.

If you have any additional questions about Hurley Park, please visit:, or call us at 704-638-4459. Be sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram.