Letter: Granite fire chief can ignore critic

Published 2:22 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2018

With regard to Chief Dale Brown, Granite Quarry Fire Chief and his possible resignation due to bullying remarks at a recent town meeting, Chief Brown, please don’t resign. That only allows the bully to win.

We have lost numerous, numerous talented, gifted, experienced and responsible staff here in Granite Quarry for just that reason.

It was hoped our last election ended bullying and micro-managing but obviously not. For the mayor to call Chief Brown’s offer to resign, “inappropriate, and that it was Town Manager Phil Conrad’s decision whether to accept a resignation” was neither supportive nor necessary.

We need Chief Brown here and the service the department provides to not only our town but surrounding areas is invaluable.

The voters spoke in the last election. We have the backs of our fire department, our police department and our administrative staff. As much as we would like to see the bullying stop, I’m certain that will not happen as it is simply a matter of sour grapes from one individual. Some children need to pick up their toys and go home.

I sincerely hope Chief Brown decides to stay and will ignore the rantings of a sore loser. We truly need Chief Brown and all our firefighters here. Heck, we need all of our staff employed here or we wouldn’t have them!

— Gail Robins

Granite Quarry