Letter: A thoughtful helping hand during downpour

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 5, 2018

My momma and I attended Pops at the Post Saturday night. Momma (Audrey Chapman) was in a wheelchair. Momma was really enjoying the Salisbury Swing Band and, right before it began to rain, Dennis Modlin came over to offer us an umbrella.

Immediately after it began raining, Taylor Kathryn Edds (27-year-old daughter of Greg Edds) came running over and said there was enough room under their tailgating tent for us.

She also told me that her dad had cooked all the food himself. My momma ate two of the best ribs we have ever tasted. Taylor said that her dad did most of the cooking at their home and that her mother and dad were the most amazing people she had ever met.

Although Momma and I were dry, when I reached to hug Taylor for appreciation, I realized her back got soaked in her efforts to keep us dry. I think the parents that reared her have produced one of the most amazing, thoughtful and considerate young ladies I have ever met. With her as an example, maybe that’s why her dad, as chairman of Rowan County commissioners, has been able to advance Rowan County in all its endeavors. Thank you, Dennis, Taylor and Greg.

— Elaine C. Howle

China Grove