Letter: Thanks for telling Aunt Edna’s story

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The family of veteran Edna Parker is so pleased with the account that Mark Wineka wrote about this outstanding lady (“A Nurse’s Story,” Page 1A Monday).

Aunt Edna’s story lives on in her many nieces and nephews, spread all across the USA. I am married to her nephew Rob Daves, who grew up in Kannapolis, now living in Minneapolis.

Our sons knew Edna, as we stayed at her house when visiting town, and we all were steeped in the stories she was willing to share. Thanks for the recognition she deserved.

We also add a note of special gratitude to Norris Dearmon for keeping the light shining over the memories of those who served during those years, in whatever capacity. We need to remember and honor.

— Louise Fowler