Letter: Do property deeds belong in the newspaper?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 29, 2018

This letter is in regards to the article regarding the registration of property deeds of Rowan County.

I realize all of this information is available by public record. My question and opinion is: Is this really necessary to print it in the paper along with the purchase price?

I personally find this to be of bad taste. I mean, if someone had a personal need or desire to know all about a particular transaction, he or she could look it up at the courthouse.

Has it ever occurred to The Salisbury Post that this kind of information isn’t necessarily welcome “news” to some people? Some of these people may have lost their home due to an expensive illness or another one of life’s misfortunes.

Perhaps they went through a nasty divorce with kids and would just as soon forget about it. I believe that would be like pouring salt into a wound.

I personally don’t see the need in printing this information and would be curious to see how many others feel as l do. I don’t feel like this is “news,” either.

I don’t have a dog in this fight per se, but l do have consideration and compassion for those who are still living with the pain and sadness.

On the flip side, the purchase of a new home is an exciting time. I feel sure these people aren’t so delighted about their business making the paper, including their purchase price.

Could you please mention this letter for a reconsideration of printing the information that is readily available at the Salisbury courthouse?

Thank you for hearing me out.

— Gwen Johnson

China Grove