Hydrangea oak leaf

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 27, 2018

Traveling through Salisbury and Rowan County you may notice shrubs with beautiful white floral plumes embedded in the landscapes. Oak leaf hydrangeas are now in bloom and are bringing a spectacular splash of color throughout the county.

Native to the swamps of Louisiana and Florida, nurserymen have cultivated these hydrangeas as a welcome addition offering a vivid summer color throughout the landscape. The shrubs have become very popular because of their reliable blooms and the variety of sizes and colors. Oak leaf hydrangeas range in size from three to eight feet in height at maturity.

Some cultivars begin the season with white panicles which eventually transform to slight pink to deep reds as the season progresses; and the bloom size can range from four to twelve inches. Another favorable characteristic of the shrub is its coarse foliage turns deep red to light orange shades in the fall.

These low maintenance plants can be used as both specimen, container or border plants in sunny locations to partial shade on well drained soils. The good news for Rowan County gardeners is these plants are readily available from local nurseries and garden centers.