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Deeds issued from the office of the Register of Deeds John Brindle, May 1-15


Atwell Township

Joshua James Doll and wife to Travis Lee Livengood and wife, $165,000

Grady I. Ingle, Substitute Trustee for John R. Williamson to US Bank, NA, $76,000

Frances Daniels Sanford and husband to Kimberly Goode Nash; Tim Allan Goode; Randy Keith Goode; Joy Goode Melton; Sarah Goode Campbell, $90,000

Tonda M. Agner to Joseph Andrew Williamson II and wife, $75,000

Walter Shea Foster and wife; Walter Shea Foster, Executor of Estate of Ruth Parks Haney to Crystal Miller, $29,000

Faynell F. Frye to James E. Oliphant; Marcia E. Oliphant, Co-Trustees of the James and Marcia Oliphant Revocable Living Trust, $36,000

Rebecca W. Herman and husband to CMH Homes Inc., $27,000

Bradley J. MacInnes and spouse to Luis Santiago and spouse, 2 parcels $192,000

Leap Property Group LLC to Cecilia Rodriguez Zarate, 3 parcels $55,000


China Grove Township

Matthew S. Broadway and wife to Eric Dawson Jr. and wife, $152,500

Matthew W. Stack and wife; Raymond H. Stack Jr. and wife to Nicholas Gene Ceraolo, $154,000

Adam S. Broadway and wife to Shane Bledsoe and wife, $70,000

True Homes LLC to Thomas William Smith and spouse, $201,000

Christopher K. Hardon and wife to Susan H. Thomas, $104,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $40,000

David Miller Realty & Investment Inc. to Shaun Bradley Inman and wife, $142,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, $92,500

Duane Barnes and Angel Barnes to Carson Everett Daniel and Holly Chapman Daniel, $282,500

Town of Landis to John D. Eckard, $5,500

Raymond Edward Bethea to Christopher Connolly; Katie Weigand, $120,000

Melvin Spry, Eddie Tadlock, Jimmy Belk, trustees; and Ronald Haithcock, pastor of North Kannapolis Wesleyan Church; Jerry Lumston and Brian Matherlee, trustees of the N.C. West District Conference of the Wesleyan Church, to AJAJ Land Investments, LLC, $162,000

Journey Capital LLC to Tavion Martez Wiggins, $155,000

Adam Guenther and wife to Brandon Menius and Cassidy Menius, $150,000

Marc C. Lomartire and wife to Stephan R. Knorr and Philip Alexander Tabakelis, $52,000

OfferPad (SPBBorrower1) LLC to Debora Macy Pressley, $380,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $53,000

Newton-Fields Enterprises LLC to Willie L. Pollard and wife, $215,000

Walnut Grove Partners LLC to Joshua L. Wirz, $176,000

AJAJ Land Investments LLC to Timothy Surles and wife, $88,000

Vanessa F. Miles to Brian L. Pitts and wife, $161,000

Hannah Lowder and husband to Jacob Sechler, $125,000

David Lee Graham Sr. to Travis Austin Smith and wife, $230,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, $40,000

Jeffrey W. Hensley and spouse to Rigoberto Bibiano Pacheco and spouse, $103,000

Marcus R. Steele and wife to Alexis Cowan and spouse, $233,500

Paul Carini and spouse to Amber Renee Madden, $122,000

Steve Pennington and spouse to Phetmany Boutmahanimith, $163,000

Pearl Properties and Associates Inc. to New Life Developers LLC, $18,000

Steven Eugene Smith to Michael Robert McGlynn; Derrail Turner, $20,000

Billy Wayne Mann to Francisco Javier Velasco and spouse, $97,000

True Homes LLC to Darcy Satoria McCormick and spouse, $199,500

Ruth B. Watson, Executor of the Estate of Zelia C. Blewitt, to Robert Severt, Jr. and wife, $60,000

Dependable Development Inc. to True Homes LLC, 3 parcels $10,500

High Bridge LLC to Department of Transportation, an agency of the state of North Carolina, 3 parcels $975,000


Cleveland Township

Mark John Troyer and spouse to Ashley Pless, $102,000

Joan White Hicks and husband to Compton Builders and Investments LLC, $18,000

Jeannie Weant and husband to Robert N. Abercrombie, $143,000

Chad R. McDaniel, Executor of the Estate of Sylvia Faye McDaniel Clendenin, to Andrew C. Ingram and wife, $105,000


Franklin Township

Carole Ann McCora to Christian Scott McCora, $10,000

Kirby H. Hills to Variety World, Inc., $90,000

Terijon Properties LLC to William McLaughlin, $15,000

Eulishia E. Carter to Loye Thomas Whidden and wife, $170,500

James Preston Hartline Jr. to CMH Homes Inc., $38,500

Fifth Third Mortgage Co. to Dorian Lauer, 2 parcels $65,000


Gold Hill Township

Travis A. Smith and wife to Kyle Bickford, $122,000

Richard G. Williams Jr. to Sara C. Calhoun, $55,250

Josh Edward Drechsler and wife to Dylan Scott Brown and wife, $207,500

Jonathan L. S. Godair; Sherry and husband to Sandra Brendle Canup, $122,000

Charles Clyde Doby to Mark Alan Lentz and wife, $79,000

Curtis Williams and wife to Ramiro Villanueva, $75,000

Nathaniel L. Phillips and wife to Adam James Dillon Griffin; Brandi Nichole Hudson, $137,000

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, $88,500


Litaker Township

Linda Beaver Ward, individually and as Co-Administrator of the Estate of Daisy Straughn Beaver and husband; Bobby Allen Ward; Debra Beaver Benson, Iindividually and as Co-Administrator of the Estate of Daisy Straughn Beaver, to Walter Marc Ketchie IV, $120,000

Ronald W. Reynolds and wife as Trustees for the Ronald W. Reynolds and Jeanne M. Reynolds Revocable Living Trust to Joseph S. Edwards and wife, $175,500

Sheliah B. Gainer to Joseph W. Gainer, $5,500

Tri-Star Cabarrus LLC to Park Properties Group Inc., $22,000

Randal L. Rhodes; Kathleen W. Rhodes to Kathleen W. Rhodes, $32,500

Tommy W. Weatherford and wife to Maria Guadalupe Guerrero; Noe Hernandez Salazar, $70,000

Ronald C. Brown and spouse; Robert Bradley Brown and spouse; Matthew Jay Brown and spouse, all Heirs of the Estate of Evelyn Scarborough to Strong Oa LLC $150,000

Ronald C. Brown and spouse, Heir of the Estate of Evelyn Scarborough, to Justin Stewart Bell, $112,000

Richard Morris and wife to Knock Homes A LLC, $262,000


Locke Township

Buller River Development Partners LP to Gregory L. Idler, $150,000

CPB Commercial Inc. to Carolina Concrete Crushing LLC, $30,000

Renee Stepp and spouse to Mitchel Ian Wynsechenk, $230,000

Grady I. Ingle, Substitute Trustee for Allan B. Polunsky, to MidFirst Bank, $86,000

Dennis M. Butler and wife to Elvia Redzepovic, $235,000

Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Freedom Mortgage Corp., $72,500

Jason Brumfield and wife to David Fitzgerald and wife, $95,000

Buller River Development Partners LP to Robert N. Perkins, $150,000

WJH LLC to Barrett T. Mack, $177,500

First National Properties LLC to Lorenzo Plata Monroy, $29,000

Buller River Development Partners LP to William R. Graden and wife, 2 parcels $300,000

Peter Charles Smith and wife to Mark J. Latva and wife, 2 parcels $400,000


Morgan Township

Lonzo H. Arey and wife to Hunter Ray Barrier, $200,000

Geneva Michael Sinclair to Andrew Benson Christenbury, Sr., $20,000

Joyce J. Russell to Bryan Keith Black Sr. and wife, $20,000

Donna B. Hooks; Wendy H. Lee and husband; Ronald Dale Lee; Shelley H. Pense and husband; Rebecca L. Hooks, to Charles O. Warren and wife, $205,000


Mt. Ulla Township

William Anthony John Giuffrida and wife to William Carl Giuffrida, $80,000

American Land Corp.-Charlotte, Inc. to Eugene D. Birmingham, Jr. and wife, $72,500


Providence Township

Brent W. Shive and wife to Thomas O. Page and wife, $188,000

Kathleen M. Gaffey-Wiser and husband to Linda H. McCree, $175,500

Teresa L. Pless to Jay D. Basinger, $125,000

Lentz Bros. LLC to Ranson McLelland, $155,000

Judy Misenheimer Peeler to Heather and husband, $247,000

Joseph Shahane Edwards and wife to Karla C. Foster, $180,000

Bank of America NA to Christopher Hoyle and wife,   $209,000

Melvin William Bouboulis and wife; Bryan Scott Bouboulis and wife to Bruce M. Bostjanick and wife; Robert M. Imle, $148,000

Charles Daniel Whitaker and wife to Cherie Moss, $429,000

William Kevin Carpenter, Executor of the Estate of William Barry Carpenter, to Boyd W. Kennedy, Jr., $126,000

Steven H. Neal and wife to Stephanie H. Fields; Marla H. Blake; Carmen S. Hopkins, $75,000

Daniel M. Roberts Sr. and wife to Matthew E. Christner, $285,000

Mark S. Alley, Executor of the Ruby B. Alley Estate, to Larry D. Gobble and wife, $10,000

Mark S. Alley, Executor of the Ruby B. Alley Estate, to Larry D. Gobble and wife, $35,000

Robert T. Murphy, Trustee of the Louda B. Murphy Revocable Living Trust; Robert Murphy and wife, to Bradley Alan Boyd, $77,000

Dian P. Evans to Daniel J. Davis, $116,000

Rachel Floyd Christy, fka Rachel F. Mowry, and husband to Jeffrey H. Richard, 2 parcels $425,000


Salisbury Township

Buller River Development Partners LP to Weston Cordon, $180,500

William M. McLaughlin and wife to Jason A Sheets, $164,000

Helen B. Leslie, fka Helen B. Snyder, to Lewis Adkins and wife, $100,000

WJH LLC to Derrick Polk, $197,000

Buller River Development Partners LP to Idler Properties LLC, $150,000

Belinda J. Birdsey and husband to Meredith Fredrickson, $65,000

Barbara E. Glover to Lauren K. Miller, $74,500

Joe L. Sims & Son Inc. to John C. Schofield, $30,000

Ann Williams Corriher to KD and Sons LLC, $35,000

Starburst Properties LLC to Serendipity Homes,LLC, $57,500

Starburst Properties LLC to Serendipity Homes LLC, $38,500

Rodney Douglas Parker and wife; Karen L. Parker; Jonah Evan Kuttner and wife to Carl Dean Fortson, $68,000

Walter A. Kepley, Jr. to Kepley Brothers Property Management LLC, $40,000

Kenneth D. Pruett and wife to Charles A. Quillian and wife, $117,500

Richard Darrell Hancock to Conatus LLC, $25,000

Variety World Inc. to Maria Antonia Pleitez de Pleitez, $26,000

WJH LLC to Charles Hardin IV and spouse, $164,000

Teresa Frank to Sharlen Colon, $180,000

Built Green Inc. to Jesse W. Watson and wife, $185,000

153 Capital LLC to George Walter McNair and Ola Ann Lisk, $120,000

Leon A. Dufresne and wife to Leslie Rich, $133,000

Hollywell LLC to Cesar Vilchez-Balmaceda, $177,500

Al Lipscomb Jr. and wife to Kenneth Crooms, $15,000

153 Capital LLC to Paula Allen, $101,000

Aubrey Childers III to Solution Home Buyers LLC, $58,000

Solution Home Buyers LLC to G & G Investment Group LLC $55,000

Albert J. D. Aymer to Timothy E. Kafitz and wife, $289,000

John R. Hughes and wife to Luis Alonso Acevedo, $87,000

Christian Angel and Jeremy A. Tatum to Robyn L. Moody, $82,500

Robyn L. Moody to Ryan W. Disseler, $84,000

Starburst Properties LLC to Serendipity Homes LLC, , 2 parcels $104,000

Angel Quintero-Samano and Dora M. Cerero Cordova to Joshua W. Furr and spouse, 2 parcels $155,000

Jose R. Sanchez to Andrew H. Everette; Lynne Latham, 2 parcels $240,500

Doris M. Roberts Living Trust to Carolina Brown, 2 parcels $45,000


Steele Township

Rick Lee Hildebrand and Debra B. Hildebrand to Ricky Lee Hildebrand, $10,000


Unity Township

Jimmy D. Shoemaker and Tamara C. Warren to Bryant M. Silvers and wife, $245,000




13 deaths reported in Rowan, county stresses need to receive second dose


10% of Rowan residents receive first dose; eight COVID-19 deaths reported this week


North Carolina State Highway Patrol commander to retire


UNC School of the Arts may go for online learning due to COVID-19 spread


Greensboro site to administer 3,000 daily vaccine doses starting March 10


Update: $1.9 trillion relief bill passes House, moves on to Senate


Lady Gaga’s dogs recovered safely


Advisers OK single-shot COVID-19 vaccine from J&J


Post wins 18 N.C. Press Association Awards


Cooper vetoes bill that would force K-12 schools to reopen


Lanning named Spencer’s fire chief


Blotter: Feb. 26


Salisbury, Kannapolis men charged with soliciting sexual acts


Racial bias ‘deeply entrenched’ in report critical of Apex Police Department


US bombs facilities in Syria used by Iran-backed militia


City council again dismisses idea of adding new member, focus now on recommendation to delay elections


‘Let’s make some money:’ Loosened restrictions praised by bar owners, baseball team

High School

Salisbury High bucks historical trend in dominant shutout of West Rowan


Garage declared total loss after Enochville fire


Cooper, N.C. prison officials agree to release 3,500 inmates


Two more COVID-19 deaths reported in Rowan, six for the week


Blotter: Man brandishes AR-15, runs over motorcycle at Rockwell-area gas station


Salisbury man charged with exploitation of minor


Road rage incident results in assault charges