Red Sea in Raleigh

Published 9:36 pm Sunday, May 20, 2018

From a Talking About Politics blog post by Gary Pearce about last week’s teachers’ march on Raleigh:

The marchers made clear in their signs, interviews and conversations that they are deeply and sincerely concerned not just about their own financial situations, dire as they may be, but also about what’s happening to their students today and what will happen when they leave school.

Classrooms that wilt in 85-degree heat. Trailers crowded with classes of 35 middle-schoolers. High turnover in support staff. Not enough nurses, safety officers, counselors and janitors. Administrators who are overwhelmed, undertrained and oblivious. And politicians who don’t get it.

Wednesday, the teachers returned to their classrooms. Still lingering in Raleigh are vital questions: Who will listen to, not just talk at, teachers? Who will truly respect teachers? And who will see to it that teachers, who know the most about schools, have a real voice in what happens in schools?