Letter: Lingering Fibrant questions

Published 9:30 pm Sunday, May 13, 2018

1. Would someone please explain why it took only five people to incept Fibrant but it takes the population of the city to sell or merge it?

2. In David Post’s article last Sunday, he stated if we don’t enter the agreement it will cost the city $40 million over the next 10 years but if we do it will save $20 million. Is this a net savings of $20 million ($40-$20) or a total of $60 million ($40 + $20)?

At the time Fibrant was being established, an executive with Bell South in Atlanta had retired and moved back to Salisbury. I asked him his thoughts on the subject. His response was, “It will all be wireless one day.” As it turns out, one can connect wirelessly to the internet from anywhere within range of a cell tower. Also, at the time, there were already two cable providers on my street.

— Charles L. Sowers