Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 11, 2018

… Editorial: Thumbs up
on Fibrant

First, congratulations to the city manager and the elected officials for coming up with the lease arrangement solution. It’s very creative.

As the CEO of MI-Connection, now known as Continuum, I must respond to your reference of Continuum costing taxpayers “to the tune of $2 billion.” This is far from reality.

Through this fiscal year, and since inception, the towns have contributed $41 million, or 2 percent of the referenced $2 billion. Revenue generated this fiscal year funds 100 percent of operating and capital costs with $3,150,000 left over to contribute toward debt payments, with the towns contributing $3,228,967.

The amount that Continuum contributes toward the debt payment has increased every year since fiscal year 2011 with of course the goal being that it totals 100 percent of the annual debt payments.

The best of success to the city  of Salisbury in this new arrangement.

— David Auger

CEO, Continuum

… Farewell tour: Bentley takes care of his bucket list

Absolutely the sweetest story ever. Bentley, you are on our “puppy prayer list.”

— Norma Shuping

… Letter: Let teachers take a stand May 16

Education is paramount in our society, and it’s time that we show teachers how much we appreciate what they do to provide this invaluable service. None of us would be where we are today without teachers.

I stand behind them in support of education, their right to better pay, benefits and respect, as well as more resources in the classrooms.

Let them walk next week to have their voices heard.

— Jenn McDonnell

I stand with our educators and for our students on May 16. I hope to soon read a statement from Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody that speaks in support of her employees who wish to use their earned personal day to promote the teaching profession and their passion for educating all our children.

— Pam Bloom

I hope they walk out, as it seems to be the only way to get the attention (from legislators) that they deserve. It’s ridiculous how underpaid and under-appreciated they are.

— Jacob Parks

In Rowan County’s quest for more and better jobs for its citizens, an educated populace is on the top of the list for prospective companies.

Providing our teachers with the resources and respect they deserve is an easy way to improve our county for everyone.

— Jenni Pfaff

Yes, I stand with the teachers. Teachers and all of public education get the short end of the deal all the time, and the students are hurt greatly by the lack of funding. It will never change unless the teachers take a stand and all of us take the same stand and support our teachers and the students.

— Pat Bullard

How about taking a stand and teach the kids for a change?

— John Collins

Our teachers rock. They (and especially our students) deserve the best. When you invest in employees, you are truly investing in the children.

— Sydney Leigh

Carl Ford’s North Carolina: Teachers having to protest just to get a decent paycheck.

— Bill Sorenson

… Editorial: Vote of confidence for Edds,
Greene and Klusman

Rowan Alliance had nothing to do with Sides losing and Pierce not pulling off his shenanigan. The residents of Rowan County are smart enough to choose the best representation for the county without silly negative ads.

The residents didn’t want Mr. Sides back on the commission and weren’t going to allow Pierce to succeed in his “not-so-clever ploy.”

— Ron Scruggs

Looking forward to more leadership from EKG!

— Chris Coleman

… Incumbent commissioners lead
in early returns

Congratulations to the incumbent commissioners who handily won re-election. Rowan County’s leadership appears to be on the right track, as you’ve put an emphasis on economic development and quality-of-life issues. Thank you for taking on such a tough job.

— Jeff Morris

People have spoken, message delivered. Now let’s put the old guard aside once and for all.

— Theo Fleming

Now maybe Jim Sides can park that eyesore of a van out of sight.

— Frank Isley

… Voter turnout for 2018
a record low

It’s telling when you look at precinct by precinct results. There were two precincts (11 and 15) in which the Fibrant vote had fewer than 10 ballots cast each. I think historical trends would show those two precincts have a heavily Democrat population.

When looking at the Democrats’ congressional primaries, you have a similar low turnout, with fewer than 1,000 votes cast in the District 8 race, and roughly 1,500 cast in District 13.

On the other hand, Republican turnout was much higher, likely fueled by the county commissioners race. A good indicator is the race for N.C. Senate District 33, in which Carl Ford and Bill Sorenson combined for more than 7,400 votes.

— Eric Shock

It’s tough to go vote when you only have two races to vote on. I voted anyway, but you Repubs better get ready for November, when it really counts

— William Moffitt

Precincts 11 and 15 have very few voters that actually live in the Fibrant area. That is why those totals are so low. It is pathetic that only 32 unaffiliated voters voted when they could have voted either ballot.

— George W. Benson

… Roundup: Turnout was low; more candidates to come

Less than 12 percent turnout. In my 36 years in industry, there were several times that I worked in countries where people took a real risk to vote. I think the time has come for the people of Rowan County to go to their dictionaries and do some reading about apathy and complacency. Sad.

— Eric Marsh

… Salisbury earns Main Street America accreditation

Wow, what a nice article on downtown Salisbury. How refreshing compared to the person tearing down Salisbury with almost daily articles on empty buildings and crime in downtown Salisbury. Those articles seem to be trying to bankrupt Rowan County by discouraging any kind of growth.

— Edie Edie

… Prep Track: Boys 2018 CCC Championship

From track and field parents of Davidson County: Thank you, Mike London, for this prep track and field coverage. We appreciate you taking the time to print results. #salisburypostrocks!

— Barbara Todd

… College baseball: Ironman Bowden can take a bow for legendary career

Great dedication! Keep pushing forward without a step back.

— Freddy Ponce

… One last pledge: Granite Quarry says thanks to Scout who opened meetings
for 12 years

Congratulations, Zach. You have shown a level of patriotism and what my parents called stick-to-it-iveness that’s sometimes rare to find. You will go far in life. Wishing you the best in whatever you plan to accomplish.

— Carol Carpenter

… Daughters remember father killed in Akko Nobel accident

My last memory of Clint, a dear friend of my family, was at my wedding. Kind, caring and a faithful man. This tragic accident has reminded me how fragile life can be and to truly appreciate my time with friends and family. Clint will be missed but never forgotten in my heart.

— Aaron Cress

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. My last vision of Clint was at choir practice. He was smiling and chasing his grandson. You could see in his face how much he loved his family. He was a godly man and we will all miss him.

— Rachel Carlyle

… New early childhood education center offers drop-in program

You may want to investigate the Salisbury Post Community Calendar before making your statement, “We know there’s not a lot of things that are going on in Salisbury. …” I think you would be surprised at how much is going on and the variety of offerings for a community our size.

— Leah Campion

… Mark Wineka: Gordon Peacock should be writing this headline

My grandpa woulda been proud of this article. He was an awesome man.

— Jesse Gunn