Republican commissioner candidates spend nearly $30,000 since January

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 5, 2018

SALISBURY — Campaign finance reports are in for the first quarter of 2018, and six Republican candidates for the Rowan County Board of Commissioners said they spent a collective $29,307.82.

The biggest spender was incumbent Greg Edds, spending $10,058 on fundraising food and space, campaign signs, radio ads and more.

The Edds campaigns’ biggest expense was for services from Miller Davis Inc. totaling $6,087.50. Of this, $987 was for a fundraiser. The rest was for invitations and postcard mailings.

Coming in second for spending was challenger Jim Sides’ campaign, with expenditures totaling $6,336.46. The money went to radio ads, campaign signs and vinyls, and a billboard on U.S. 29.

Sides’ largest expense was $2,958.28 to Wooten Graphics for signs and magnets.

Craig Pierce and incumbent Judy Klusman trailed the pair by thousands. Pierce spent $4,761.82 in the first quarter. Klusman spent $3,052.13.

Two items tied for the top spot in Pierce’s expenditures: He spent $1,500 each for a Fairway Outdoor Funding billboard and for radio ads from Ford Broadcasting.

Klusman joined fellow incumbent Edds in soliciting services from Miller Davis, spending a total of $2,552.13 for media and signs and media services.

Challenger Michael Julian outspent incumbent Jim Greene by just over $500. Julian’s campaign racked up a total of $2,800.47 in expenses since January, and Greene’s, just $2,298.

For both, the top expenses were yard signs. Julian hired Chapman Custom Signs, and Greene used American Solutions for Business.


Edds’ campaign countered a high level of expenditures with contributions totaling $14,345.

First-quarter contributions to Edds’ campaign included:

• Morris Clements, $75.

• Kenneth Andrew, Robert Cook Jr., John Fisher, Kyna Grubb, Richard Huffman, Mark Jennings, William Kenerly, Stephen Kidd, Phillip Kirk Jr., Carl Repsher, Harold Roberts, William Wagoner, Walter Wall, Catherine Warren, James Taylor and Josh Wagner, $100 each.

• David Treme, $150.

• James Murphy, $200.

• Susan Cox, Luke Fisher, Steven Fisher, Bill Godley, Joan Leatherman, David Norris, Mark Petty and Danny Shaw, $250 each.

• Gregory Alcorn, Paul Fisher, Vance Merhoff, Dwight Messinger, Fred Stanback and Kenneth Washko, $500 each.

• Matt Barr, Larry Jones, Edward Norvell and Bryan Overcash, $1,000 each.

Edds himself contributed $1,000 to his campaign.

Sides’ campaign contributions trails Edds’ by more than $4,000. To date, it is mostly self-funded. Of the $10,100 reported in the first quarter, $10,000 was a loan from the candidate to his committee.

Sides’ lone contributor for the first quarter was Jim and Norma V. Shuping for $100.

Pierce’s campaign is entirely self-funded, as he loaned $8,000 to his own committee.

Klusman’s campaign generated the second most contributions after Edds’, for a total of $6,545.

Her contributors included:

• Matt Barr, $1,000.

• Dwight Messinger, Paul Fisher, Edward Norvell, Fred Stanback, Gregory Alcorn, Victor Wallace and Tom Smith, $500 each.

• Mona Lisa Wallace, Greg Edds, Susan Cox, David Post and Steven Fisher, $250 each.

• Jim Greene, Sylvia Andrews and Richard Huffman, $100 each.

• Elaine Hewitt, $75.

• Joshua Wagner, Jane Smith-Steinberg, Antonia Almeida, Marie Leonard-Hampton, Karen Alexander, Carolyn Waters and Karen Hobson, $50 each.

• Lori Graeber and Cindy Fink, $30 each.

• P.J. Ricks, $10.

Greene generated $6,400. His itemized contributors were:

• Paul Fisher, Dwight Messinger, Fred Stanback, Edward Norvell, Gregory Alcorn, Gwen Barr, Matt Barr, Tom Smith and Sue Fisher, $500 each.

• Steven Fisher and Bill Godley, $250 each.

• Charles Poole, $200.

• David Treme, $150.

• Pete Prunkl, William Kenerly, Richard Huffman, Harold Roberts Jr., Phillip Kink Jr., Hayes Smith and Robert Cook Jr., $100 each.

• William Wagoner, $75.

• Joshua Wagner, Richard Reamer, David Jordan, Antonio Almeida and Pamela Abernathy, $50 each.

• Robert Setzer, $25.

Julian raised $2,190, with Gary Morton as his top contributor at $500, $250 in monetary contributions and $250 in in-kind contributions of food for a fundraiser at Stag and Doe.

He also contributed $185 to his own campaign — $100 by check, $15 of in-kind Facebook ads and $60 in palm cards.

His contributors included:

• Stephen Kidd, John Leatherman, Mary Lee and Steve Poteat, $200 each.

• Annie Lee Beck, Alan Koontz, Rhonda Elliot and Fred Steen, $100 each.

• State Reps. Larry Pittman and Carl Ford, $50 each.