Letter: All roads lead to Rowan County United Way

Published 11:42 pm Saturday, April 28, 2018

Rowan County is blessed to have numerous agencies that provide a wide range of human services from youth and family to emergency services. Some agencies such as the Rowan Rescue Squad, Meals on Wheels and Family Crisis Council have been a part of our community for over 40 years. However, without the support of Rowan County United Way, these agencies would be unable to thoroughly provide essential services to the community.

Since 1956, the Rowan County United Way has supported human service agencies by organizing and facilitating annual fundraising events. Last year’s fundraiser raised a total of $1.5 million that was distributed to various United Way agencies. Currently, the United Way supports 16 agencies throughout Rowan County with another two agencies being distinguished as well.

For most agencies, Rowan County United Way’s financial support is crucial to providing services successfully. Family Crisis Council, for example, receives 20 percent of its budget from the United Way. Without the 20 percent, Family Crisis Council wouldn’t be able to sufficiently staff the battered women’s shelter, court advocacy program, hospital accompaniment program, or 24-hour crisis line.

Rowan County United Way’s success defines the success of human services in our community. However, United Way depends on the generosity of our community. So, without a large participation from individuals and businesses throughout Rowan County, United Way and, by extension, our human service agencies will decline heavily.

To support Rowan County United Way, visit www.rowanunitedway.org/donate at any time and consider donating to the next fundraising campaign beginning on Aug. 15.

— Spencer Dixon


Dixon is the resource and media coordinator of the Family Crisis Council of Rowan, a nonprofit and a member of the United Way.