Letter: One-man rule from Trump?

Published 9:21 pm Wednesday, April 18, 2018

As a veteran, I was shocked to hear that per instructions from the White House (I assume President Trump) all TVs at all VA hospitals and facilities must be turned to Fox News.

I thought “1984” and Big Brother was fiction, but apparently not.

President Trump was voted in to drain the swamp, but he is systematically destroying our institutions of democracy and trying to create an autocratic one-man rule government where he is above the rule of law and cannot be bothered by facts or truths. I am so ashamed that we elected someone amoral like Trump to be our president and the leader of the shrinking free world. May God forgive us.

— Fred Krusemark


The VA responds: “This is just a rumor; thank you for letting us know and giving us the chance to dispel it,” said Bart Major, public affairs specialist for the Salisbury VA Health Care System.

“We haven’t received or sent any communication to our staff dictating what channels the TVs are set to,” Major said. “Most of our clinics set the TVs to HGTV, ESPN, a movie channel or other non-news channels.”