Letter: More money for whom?

Published 8:29 pm Monday, April 16, 2018

I was reading the April 4 edition of the Salisbury Post when something caught my eye. Councilman Brian Miller was making a statement about the Fibrant deal. I surely hope he made a mistake when he said that doing the Hotwire deal would put money in their pockets. Did he tell the truth? He should have said the  taxpayers of Salisbury and Rowan County. My concern is, whose pockets? The taxpayers should be concerned about that statement.

— Charles Black


Editor’s note: The “pocket” Miller was referring to was the city’s general fund. Here’s what he said: “We’ll have more money in our pocket by doing this than we have in our pocket now and might have a chance to allocate some funds to some other needed areas as a result of this transaction.”