My Turn, Michael Zimmerman: Teach children positives about guns

Published 8:54 pm Sunday, April 15, 2018

In response to all who thank our children for walking out of class in disapproval of our so-called assault weapons:

First, I use the internet very little, but I had to find out about a question I’ve had for years. How many federal gun laws are there? According to Google, 20,000 — yes, 20,000. Do you wonder how many are used today? I know for a fact, a felon is not allowed to have any weapons. If you are charged with violating this law, it’s automatic seven years in federal prison.

We must look at the past 50-60 years. We have taken God out of our schools, out of the courts and maybe out of our homes. Then we took power away from parents and teachers.

I can remember when I was 12 years old and told my mother I was too tired to do the dishes and I wasn’t going to do them. The next thing I remember, I was across the kitchen floor on my butt — a reminder from my father I needed to do the dishes and never tell my mother again “no.”

Yes, there are parents that take this to extremes, but the 1 or 2 percent could be taken care of by Social Services.

Kids have everything — 10-year-olds with phones. If they don’t have it, they moan and groan until the parents get it so they shut up. I got a tap in the mouth to say they said no the first time.

Put God back in our schools.

Put God back in our courts and pray the parents put God back in our families.

Take a look at our kids. They bury themselves in their phones. They can’t sign their names. It’s nice to be modern and have all the goodies, but hold a door for a lady, say excuse me, put someone ahead of you in line.

We used to pack our shotguns and rifles in cases and take them to school so we could go duck or rabbit hunting right after school. At an early age, we were taught the purpose and use of a firearm and the laws covering those weapons. I was shooting a .22 at age 5 and got a bolt-action .22 for Christmas at 7.

The weapon is a tool — a tool to kill, but also a tool to hunt, to shoot and have fun. You can use them for protection, if necessary.

Teach our children about the positives of these weapons. Let them come out to a club, a field, a hunt. Take the training courses that are given free each year. Teach them to be responsible young adults.

If you see or hear about someone saying they are going to destroy someone or something, tell you parents, teachers, police officer — somebody — and stop it befor it happens.

Parents, be aware. Is your child different? Is there a change in him or her? Don’t drop it. Find out what is wrong. Spend some time together at the range or anywhere. Please.

Michael Zimmerman lives in Cleveland.