Local Bridge with Myrnie McLaughlin

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 15, 2018

More on Bridge ethics
Last time we began to look at ethical behavior at the bridge table.
The other two pieces not mentioned are these.  1. Be sure you and partner are on the same page when it comes to conventions used in your play.  Discuss with partner before play begins which conventions you will use in play.  This avoids problems for you and opponents.  2. If during bidding, misinformation is given either by failures to alert or in giving the wrong explanation of your partnership agreement, declarer is committed to correcting those mistakes before the opening lead is made.  The other piece of this correction could be a director call if you feel your side has been disadvantaged by being “shut out” of the bidding by that misinformation.  You may be entitled to an adjusted score after the fact.  By clarifying agreements with partner before play, miscommunications can be avoided.
Friday, April 6 Evergreen game was another challenging game. Winning this game were: N/S 1st Fern Albracht and Christy Cline, 2nd Ruth Bowles and Marie Pugh, 3rd Ann Hamm and Ron Jeffers; E/W 1st John and Myrnie McLaughlin, 2nd Margaret and Chuck Rimer, 3rd Judy and Fred Weber.
Featured is hand # 2 from Friday’s game N/S vulnerable East dealer

S  A K J T 5
H  K 5
D  A 9 8 7 4
C  5

WEST:               EAST:
S  8 3                  S  9 7
H  A J 9 8 3       H  Q 4
D  K Q T             D  J 3 2
C  K 7 4               C  A J T 8 6 2

S  Q 6 4 2
H  T 7 6 2
D  6 5
C  Q 9 3

Fern Albracht and Christy Cline bid and made 4HN for the best N/S score while BettyBonner Steele and Patty King set 4SN 1 trick for the best E/W score.
Tuesday, April 10 Women’s Club game winners: N/S 1st Carol and Harold Winecoff, 2nd Shirley and Ron Jeffers, 3rd Mack Brown and Marvin Jones; E/W 1st Judy Hurder and Myrnie McLaughlin, 2nd Margaret and Chuck Rimer, tied for 3rd /4th Wayne Pegram and Dick Brisbin with Jean Hill and Fred Bachl.

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