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Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 1, 2018

Decorum and ethics
As our games have grown we are experiencing more problems with noise and speed of play. We now have the possibility of having players come on occasion from other clubs in our area. There is so much chaos and slow play that those visiting would not likely be back, a very sad situation for such a wonderful group of people that we are.
In the March Bridge Bulletin there is an article on active ethics. It addresses tempo of play. It is a player’s responsibility to play within the allotted time for the game. If they fall behind, the slow pair is also responsible to catch up and stay on time.

What are the things we can do to speed up play? 1. Be conscious of the timer and follow it. No hand should begin play with 4 min left in a round. If you can’t finish 3 hands in 24 minutes you can’t do 1 in 4. 2. Do not discuss hands after play. 3. Do not reprimand partner or opponents about their play or bidding of the hand. 4. The person responsible for BridgeMate entries should immediately enter the data and move on to the next hand. And most important of all, after your table has finished play remain quiet so others can finish uninterrupted. Not only does this speed things up, it is a sign of respect for other players. Call the director if you have any problems with any of these actions.
Our Friday, March 23 Evergreen game was smaller than usual. Winners were: 1st Pat Featherston and Dick Brisbin, 2nd Judy Gealy and Fern Albracht, 3rd Billie and John Nordan, 4th Ann Hamm and Marvin Jones

Featured is board # 16 from this game E/W vulnerable West dealer

S K 9 6
H T 3 2
D 8
C A K 9 7 6 2

WEST:              EAST:
S A T 5 3 2        S Q 8 7
H 8 5                  H Q 9 6 4
D Q 9 5               D A K T 3 2
C Q J T               C 3

S J 4
H A K J 7
D J 7 6 4
C 8 5 4

4CN*was best N/S made by Jean and Loyd Hill and 2DE made by Joy Hamilton and Rosemary Sokolowski was best E/W
Tuesday, March 27 was a huge game for the Women’s Club. Winners N/S: 1st Ruth Bowles and Loyd Hill, 2nd Ron Caudle and Pat Featherston, 3rd Judy Hurder and Pat Macon, 4th Becky Creekmore and Marie Pugh; E/W 1st Judy Gealy and Fern Albracht, 2nd Dick Brisbin and Wayne Pegram, 3rd Margaret and Chuck Rimer 4th Betty Bills and Beth Shafer.

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