Harold B. Jarrett Legion Post thrills kids again with its annual Easter party

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 1, 2018

By Bob Price
For the Salisbury Post

I think we would all agree that nothing warms the heart like a child’s smile, especially one from those who are born with special needs.

For over 30 years, members of Harold B. Jarrett American Legion Post 342, the Auxiliary and the Sons of the Legion have worked hard to make sure there are many of those smiles on the faces of students in the exceptional children’s program of Rowan-Salisbury Schools.

With spring only a week old, 60 students, their teachers and assistants gathered at the post on Lincolnton Road for an “Egg-ceptional Easter Party.” The buses began arriving about 10 a.m. March 27, and in about 15 minutes, the guests of honor were gathered in a semicircle.

They waited to be entertained by a magician and a ventriloquist and a group of puppet characters.

The performers pulled children from the audience to help with their tricks. Some were very outgoing, while others were shy and retiring. By the time that portion of the show was over, there were many wide smiles, along with pride and joy they were able to make a red ball appear or change position in a cylinder, just by wiggling their fingers or waving the magic wand.

The festivities were not over, as each class lined up for hots dogs, chips and drinks. For dessert, the children were able to choose among vanilla and chocolate ice cream cups and cake.

After lunch, everyone slipped into their coats and went outside for the post’s annual Easter egg hunt. At the signal to start, the children scurried over the lawn collecting the brightly colored eggs that were scattered for anyone to find.

Of, course, you can imagine that with 60 kids hunting for eggs, it didn’t take long before they were all gathered and everyone was heading back inside.

Each school made certain everyone was accounted for, and as they went to their buses for the return trips to school, each student was presented with a bright red bag with Easter treats, coloring books, bubbles, stickers, play clay and a Chick-fil-A cow.

In return, they presented the members of Post 342, the Auxiliary and the Sons of the Legion with big smiles.