Letter: Can Salisbury rise to the challenge?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 25, 2018

The City Council retreat held for the past two days at West End Plaza, with the participation of the public, was an innovative event spurring much conversation, some friction, and, hopefully, some measurable change in the ways the council considers issues and priorities.

With the help of a skilled facilitator, about 80 people co-created our shared mission, vision and core values — and, for once, the public’s voice was heard.

In the visioning of what Salisbury could look like in 2040, there was no question that quite possibly the most pressing issue was racial equity, with health and economic sustainability close behind — though clearly they are inextricably joined.

The test will be, can Salisbury rise to the challenge of that vision?

Can, and will, Salisbury revisit the traditional perception of “assets” and embrace its rapidly growing ethnic, racial and faith plurality in ways that build a community of collaboration, equity and sustainability.

Such a community would then be that safe place we call home.

Thank you, Mayor Heggins, for opening a view to what is possible, and to all the council members for their willingness to stretch out of the norm. I look forward.

— Whitney Peckman