North Rowan Middle School students tour their home community

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 22, 2018

Editor’s note: Angelia Fleming’s North Rowan Middle School eighth-grade AIG students are continuing their tour of Rowan County, this time taking the time to get to know their own hometown. The following are their experiences:

North Rowan Middle School

SPENCER — My classmates and I got to go on a community visit to our very own North Rowan County area. Even though it was a torrential rainstorm that day, we had an incredible experience.

North Carolina Transportation Museum

We learned lots of things about trains and transportation.

“My experience on this trip was great,” student Jordan Young said. “I personally can give myself a hand for how much I wanted to be there despite I just came from the hospital where I had an early-morning procedure. Also, I had slides on while it was pouring down raining, making it hard to walk and soaking my feet. But it was worth it.

“I’m really happy I went, because the North Carolina Transportation Museum was super-interesting. For starters, the steam engines were beautiful, and I got to see the steam engine 611, which meant a lot because that was my grandpa’s favorite steam engine.

“Now, if you don’t know, the Transportation Museum is a giant place that shows visitors early ways of transport, like cars, planes and, of course, trains — lots of trains. We had an awesome guide, Tyler, who told us all kinds of adventurous stories about his experiences with trains. His stories made trains alive.

“We even got to go inside some of the trains and explore. Near the end after everything, we went into the special Blackbeard display where we got to try on pirate costumes. I hope to visit the museum again.”

Hanford Dole Elementary School

We were greeted with great excitement at Hanford Dole Elementary School. Students shook our hand and greeted us as we entered the cafeteria. They wanted us to eat with them and to talk to us. We then got to visit the second-grade classes to read, make cards, and go to specials.

“I think this was my favorite part,” student Alena Chang said. “I got to see my old teachers, which was very, very exciting and nice. The second-graders were so cute and precious. I saw my cousin there, and I think that made his day seeing my class and me. I hope to go back to their school and spend more time with them.

“Our class wants to thank you for having us and letting us play and help the children. One of my favorite parts was going to their specials with them and seeing all their smiles and getting to interact with them in PE and art activities. I want to thank their principal, Lauren Raper, for working with our teacher and letting us be there.”

North Rowan High School

We finished off our North community field trip at our neighboring high school. The principal, Meredith Williams, introduced us to a few of the high school students who are on the Site Council. These students informed the middle schoolers about their school, what courses and programs are offered, and what exciting things we should expect from our high school experience.

The Site Council members led us through the school and some of their classes, where we got to interact with the high school students and teachers. We even got to sample some of the scrumptious brownies the cooking class had baked.

While we took our tour, we noticed what a strong student-teacher bond they had throughout the different classrooms. All of the classes were very interactive. Everyone was polite and respectful and made us feel welcome as we walked through the halls of our future high school.

We learned that as rising freshmen, we will be the first class to experience the new changes that North High is incorporating to help prepare students for college and career readiness.

“Students will have challenge-based opportunities embedded into their daily schedule to promote critical and creative thinking skills, and North is partnering with Rowan-Cabarrus Community College to explore options for future careers,” Principal Williams said. “Students will have access to all College and Career Promise courses via online, on RCCC campus, and even some in-person RCCC classes offered on the NRHS campus.”

We will have choices between different expanded programs, such as nursing, early childhood, construction, and the arts, along with personalizing students’ schedules for taking advanced placement classes to prepare students for college. Did you know we get to take AP Environmental Science at Horizons Unlimited?

In these programs, students will be able to take on real-life community problems and collaborate to create solutions. These special projects will also allow students to actually go places throughout their community so that we can discover and explore avenues to give back to Rowan County. This new process will prepare North Rowan High School students for their future careers.

North Rowan Middle School: Our home

Even though we experience North Rowan Middle School on a daily basis, we would be remiss to not talk about our school, our home.

“North Rowan Middle School is one of a kind,” student Jennifer Lore said. “You walk into this middle school, and you are welcomed with a warm, diverse family. In our hallways, art is displayed and collaboration is the norm. We have devoted teachers who present us with fun and unique projects that give us great opportunities.

“North Rowan is a family; North Rowan is one. We collaborate with the high school and the elementary schools in our community. Our school is a safe place to be where students can share their ideas. We work together to go above and beyond.”

“What stands out to me about our school is that we are a very diverse place, and we are all like a huge family,” student Hannah Freeman. “We also have a strong teacher-student bond at our school.”