Letter: Secure the schools instead of attacking NRA

Published 9:07 pm Sunday, March 18, 2018

The question of the day is why do we not have laws to prevent the deranged from having guns and killing defenseless children at schools? If we allow politicians and the media to set forth the same old agenda, the results will never change.  We have been down this road again and again expecting a different result — the definition of insanity.

How would any new law have prevented this latest attack?  Authorities were warned about this person.  This is a tough call for authorities when someone has not broken the law.

The NRA is just as outraged as you are over these attacks, but it is always the first to be blamed.  The NRA protects you and your Second Amendment rights.  Why should law-abiding citizens be denied the right to own and protect themselves and their families?  These are not the people to fear.

Our concern and condemnation should be about the shooter, not about guns, the NRA or the FBI.  We have choices that should be made locally.  Do we harden the schools — that is, secure the doors and windows to prevent anyone from entering?  Do we arm people inside the schools to prevent senseless killing? Should we have police substations at every school? There would be higher cost to maintain this presence at every school.

The obvious answer would seem to be to lock the doors at schools and have only one entrance and exit while school is in session.  Windows and doors on the first floor should be made impenetrable from the outside.  A close examination of those coming into school in the morning would be a deterrent for any would be shooter.

We do not need more laws.  We need more ideas for protecting children at school and prevent the shooter from even being there.

— Richard Roberts