Months after leaving White House, Scaramucci gets a book deal

Published 11:57 am Saturday, March 17, 2018

In July, former Goldman Sachs guy Anthony Scaramucci exited the White House after a record week and a half as communications director. In the months since, “The Mooch” has entertained several odd post-1600 Pennsylvania Ave. jobs.

He was scheduled to host the gossip news hour “TMZ on TV” for a day (did anyone catch that?), he floated the idea of his own media outlet (the Scaramucci Post) and even showed up on “Dr. Phil.” Talk about stretching your 15 minutes (or in this case, 10 days).

And somewhere in all that media blitzing, Scaramucci was also shopping a book about his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it time in the White House. He was calling it either “Inside Out” or “I Did It My Way,” and according to a Newsweek headline at the time, “PUBLISHERS THOUGHT IT SUCKED.” His proposal never got off the ground.

But that was four months ago. The industry either had a change of heart or Scaramucci did some major soul-searching, because an actual book is now on the horizon.

“The Blue Collar President: How Trump is Reinventing the Aspirational Working Class” is set to hit shelves in September, according tothe New York Post.

“It’s an entrepreneur writing about an entrepreneur who has now ascended into the presidency,” said Scaramucci explaining the title’s hook. So don’t expect any fresh dirt on the president or a peek into the chaos of the Trump White House. Scaramucci is still firmly Team Trump, and the book plans to lay out the commander in chief’s specific managerial style.

“I have seen him up close and personal, and I know he has very good intentions and, being an entrepreneur, I am actually very comfortable with his operating style,” said Scaramucci, “despite the fact that I’m a casualty of it.”