Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 11, 2018

1. A project that has been 38 years in the making — a Rowan Public Library branch in western Rowan County — has been endorsed by the Rowan County Board of Commissioners. Where will this library be located?

A. In the old West Rowan YMCA

B. In the old R.A. Clement School

C. In the former Cleveland Town Hall

D. In the soon-to-be-vacated Cleveland Elementary School

2. A former State Highway Patrol trooper, who had been assigned to Rowan County, now faces charges related to a driving-while-impaired arrest he made in June 2017. What is that former highway patrolman now charged with?

A. Driving while impaired

B. Simple assault

C. Falsifying a report

D. Reckless driving

3. What United Way program reported a 97 percent success rate last year when it came to one of its major goals in helping public school students?

A. Communities in Schools of Rowan

B. Rowan County Youth Services Bureau

C. Rowan Vocational Opportunities

D. Smart Start Rowan

4. Grant Parkins and Sarah Yelton from the University of North Carolina Institute for the Environment were on the Catawba College campus recently to install a lake-level gauge in Lake Baranski in the college’s ecological preserve. What government agency is funding the study of lake levels?

A. Environmental Protection Agency

B. Clean Water Fund

C. National Weather Service


5. Catawba College junior Destiny Stone, with help from Sarah Smith, has created a tribute show in which she sings songs in honor of an entertainer who used her music in the 1960s to speak out for equality and the civil rights movement. Who was that N.C.-born entertainer?

A. Nina Simone

B. Aretha Franklin

C. Diana Ross

D. Fontella Bass

6. A standing-room-only crowd showed up at Granite Quarry Town Hall last Monday to oppose a rezoning for 5 acres off Irby Lane. Had the town board approved the rezoning, which it did not, what was the proposed use for the property?

A. A concrete plant

B. A recycling center

C. A place for the town’s leaves and limbs

D. An ABC store

7. The N.C. State Veterans Home recently honored one of its residents, 90-year-old Kenneth Norton, with a lunch for his family and friends. In what N.C. town was Norton a well-known, longtime barber?

A. Denton

B. Gibsonville

C. Davidson

D. Yadkinville

8. The military career of one of Dr. Norman Sloop’s uncles, William Carl Bradshaw, who died in World War I, had a strong connection to a certain number. The number was conspicuous in Bradshaw’s enlistment date, the day he shipped off to France, the date of his death, his Army serial number and the date he was buried back home in Salisbury. What number was it?

A. 2

B. 13

C. 18

D. 29

9. Salisbury City Council unanimously approved this past Tuesday the naming of something for Salisbury firefighters Justin Monroe and Vic Isler, both of whom died 10 years ago in the Salisbury Millwork fire. What will be named for Monroe and Isler?

A. A new Quint 4 ladder truck

B. A new fire systems training ground at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

C. The Salisbury Civic Center

D. A new fire station

10. Rowan Countian David Freeze, known for his many extended bicycling trips in different regions of the country, is now in the midst of a running journey from where to where?

A. Murphy to Manteo

B. Atlanta, Ga. to Salisbury

C. Nashville, Tenn., to Asheville

D. Winston-Salem to Wilmington


1. D.
2. B.
3. A.
4. D.
5. A.
6. C.
7. C.
8. D.
9. D.
10. A.