Local Bridge with Myrnie McLaughlin

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 11, 2018

Balancing is just a way to find a reason to bid as Jerry Helms advocates. You don’t need a strong hand to do this if a few other indicators exist. If opponents have agreed on a suit and stop short of game you probably have a fit somewhere. Boehm feels that the points are probably distributed pretty evenly and there is hope for your side. If in 4th seat, not vulnerable and you have a long suit and favorable distribution, even without many points, jump in with your long suit. If in 4th seat, not vulnerable, reasonable count, and even distribution in the other unbid suits you should Double. Partner may have had a reason to Pass the first time, but can bid now given the opportunity and the encouragement. Most of the time part scores are the norm and lead to good match point scoring success.
Our March 2 Evergreen game was lively and challenging. Winners: N/S 1st Pat Featherston and Dick Brisbin, 2nd Shirley and Ron Jeffers, 3rd Wade Lowder and Fred Bachl; E/W tied for 1st /2nd Fern Albracht and Judy Weber with John and Myrnie McLaughlin, 3rd Margaret and Chuck Rimer: and 1st in C strat and 2nd in B strat Genny Mozolak and Joe O’Brien.
Featured is board # 31 from this game N/S vulnerable South Dealer
S  9 3
H  K Q 6
D  J T 6 3
C  9 8 6 3
WEST:            EAST:
S  T 8 5            S  K 7 6 4 2
H  9 8 5 4 3    H  A J T 7
D  K 5 4           D  8 7
C  T 5               C  A Q
S  A Q J
H  2
D  A Q 9 2
C  K J 7 4 2
Mack Brown and Marvin Jones had the best N/S score bidding and making 1NS+2 while Genny Mozolak and Joe O’Brien had the best E/W score defeating N/S 6CS* 3 tricks.
The Women’s Club March 6 game was again large. Winning N/S: 1st Nancy Brandt and Tom Johnson, 2nd Patty and Robbo Williams, 3rd Dick Brisbin and Pat Featherston; E/W: 1st Anita Graham and Wayne Pegram, 2nd Lawana Ford and Betty Bills, 3rd Fern Albracht and Ron Caudle.
As you read this we are at the end of our Salisbury Sectional.

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