Doug Creamer: The Oscars

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 10, 2018

Doug Creamer

            Did you watch the Oscars last week? I stayed up to see who won best picture; when will I learn that I need more sleep than that? I stayed up late watching the Olympics while they were on and paid a price, but it seemed to be worth it. With the Oscars, it is fun to see all the stars together in one place.

            We haven’t seen most of the movies because we wait for them to come out on DVD or now we will stream them, too. Some of the movies we are looking forward to seeing while others we will miss. Each person has their taste in movies and what they enjoy watching. My wife has picked out some movies that I had not heard about but ended up really enjoying.

            As a guy, I enjoy a good action movie. Who doesn’t like a good Bond movie? I also really like the Jason Bourne series. Most guys like seeing a good action movie, especially when you see the bad guys get what’s coming to them. I don’t like seeing blood and gore, just let the good guys win.

            My wife and I both enjoy some science fiction. We are a little behind on “Star Wars” but are looking forward to “Solo” coming out. I am a “Next Gen” fan in the “Star Trek” series. I was surprised by how much I liked “Firefly” when we watched that TV series, that ended with the movie “Serenity.”

            Sometimes you just want to relax with a good romantic comedy, especially an old Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, or Meg Ryan film. Who doesn’t like the warm fuzzy feeling this genre of movie provides?

            My wife has taught me to enjoy a good mystery, especially Agatha Christie. We enjoy the twists and unexpected endings. I am always trying to figure it out. My wife prefers enjoying the ride…as long as I don’t keep asking questions.

    ��       People enjoy watching movies for all kinds of different reasons. Some are trying to escape the challenges and pressures of everyday life. Others go to be entertained. I like watching movies that are inspiring and encouraging. Some movies challenge your beliefs or world views, and if done properly, can really stick with you. Some movies I have watched over and over again. If I see one of them while flipping through the channels, I will be hooked again.

            Movies help us to connect with other people’s lives much like the Bible should help us to connect with God. Actually, if you are looking for a great mystery, there are plenty hidden in the pages of the Bible. Do you like action and adventure? The Bible stories I grew up hearing are full of them. Do you like romance? It’s there too. God has a little bit of everything in the true stories of people who chose to follow Him.

            Actually, I don’t know of any greater adventure than choosing to follow Christ. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the power of God touch and change a lost sinner’s life. There are so many people that we all know whose lives have been totally and radically changed by encountering the Living God.

            Maybe you are looking for romance; imagine being pursued by the God who made the universe. Maybe you prefer science fiction; try to imagine a hillside covered in chariots of fire or read and try to imagine the events in the book of Revelation. Maybe you find life’s pressures pressing in; there is no escape better than meeting the God who made you and who has good plans for your future. Maybe you are tired and weary, well, my God invites you to come and lay your burdens down because He wants to give you rest. Maybe life just seems overwhelming to you, well, I know a God whose peace goes beyond understanding.

            Are you searching for something in your life? I want to encourage you to look no farther than the greatest story of all time written for you in the Bible. Every want and need in your life can be met by the God who created everything. His forgiveness and mercy are refreshing. His grace is the power to live a different life. His love is deeper than the ocean. Asking Him to be your Savior will put you on the best adventure you will ever experience. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, you are invited.

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