Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 9, 2018

… City Council members get heated over how agenda items are chosen

Mayor Heggins ran on a platform of opening city government to the citizens. She is intelligent as well as competent to the point of being able to differentiate between items warranting the council’s attention and spammers. … She is not taking on the whole agenda, just an agenda item.

I admire you, Mayor Al Heggins, for trying to open the door to “actual communication.” Stand strong,  mayor, and know that you are appreciated.

— Chris Sharpe

Here’s a suggestion: Why not include such a method into the public comment period? A citizen could bring forth an issue during public comment and request that their item be added to the agenda for the next meeting. …

Mayor Heggins’ desire to increase the public voice is admirable. But at the same time, practicality and efficiency (and even professionalism) dictate that a filtering system is in place so that the council can conduct the pertinent, important business in a timely and efficient manner and not be bogged down by “fluff” issues that are real but insignificant or irrelevant or issues simply imagined.

— Eric Shock

… Rowan commissioners vote to fund marketing initiative

If we had a community meeting of people who truly believe this is a great city/county to live in and then ask them to post once a week on social media something good, it would go much further than that $80,000 ever will.

In this digital age every county and city should have someone that manages the digital footprint, otherwise known as the media/information specialist. Let’s not waste money.

I live in a great city with great neighbors and I will gladly post that on social media

— Jill McNeely

I was so hoping that $80,000 would be spent on law enforcement for officer/deputy retention and bonuses. To paraphrase Walter Payton, when you think you’re good at something, you’ll pay to convince/advertise this to everyone. When you’re a great place to live, they’ll pay you, by living, shopping, working, dining, and educating their children in your county.

A safe city sells itself.

— Kathryn Jolly

… Ferrel Guillory: Post-recession dynamics reshape the Tar Heel State

“How long can the places that are mostly lagging in the economy dictate the terms of politics and policy to the places that are mostly succeeding?”

What an incredible question. So much to unpack here. My first thought was of the utter failure of “trickle-down” economics in Kansas and Oklahoma, so of course the GOP instituted it for the entire country with their tax bill.

I’ve never understood the use of “progressive” as an insult. Who’s against progress?

— Chris Coleman

… Granite Quarry goes over potential ‘Project Wheel’ incentives

Nice job of reporting, Mark. This “Project Wheel” has been pitched to Rowan County and Salisbury as well as Granite Quarry. I urged the three boards … to work together to bring this to the Rowan County area. Working together will give a stronger package and will insure success.

— George W. Benson

… Former trooper expected in court next month, charged with punching suspected DWI driver

Wow, blood alcohol of 0.20? How reliable is his statement six months later?

— Cynthia Hillard

If the car camera shows two assaults to his face while handcuffed and seatbelted in back of trooper’s vehicle …

— Larry Craver

… Letter: Teachers do not fear students

Well thought out and said. I had many great teachers throughout my public school education who were there to help all of their students become their best selves. If you know public school teachers, take a moment to thank them for their service and giving hearts.

— Kenneth Gamble

… (T)eachers are afraid. My aunt retired from teaching even though she wanted to go on teaching because she was physically threatened by a student.

— John Collins

… Seeking better treatment for PFLAG in parade

It’s time for everyone to be accepting and accommodating to all, no excuses. Step up and do the right thing, Salisbury City Council.

— Sandy Fortney Smith

If they use public funds to support their event, they should abide by the nondiscrimination guidelines of the city of Salisbury.

— Brent Smith

Since Salisbury is waiving fees for certain events held in public spaces, conservatives around the area should hold a Making America Great Again Festival there and demand the town waive the fees and costs for it, too. Equal treatment!

— Virgil Duckworth

… Dr. Ada Fisher says she won’t run for Republican National Committee again’

Your strong, independent voice will be missed at RNC.

— Fred Radewagen

… Letter: We have too many guns already

I have read and pondered over the many contradictory viewpoints made by caring and concerned people on every side of the “gun issues” and I find both great merit and concern by decent people on every side.

After all the arguments for more laws or against more laws, preventing some from being able to buy or letting everybody, and all of the other aspects being debated, there is one simple question that I can feel sure I can answer with no hesitation:

If laws, mental health assistance and everything else have failed and there is a shooter ready to enter and spray my grandchildren’s class with bullets, do I want a wide-eyed teacher expecting death in front of class, or do I want a teacher who has been trained and is drawing his .40 caliber Smith and Wesson?

Argue all of the sides of the issues, and you still come back to the question of give the kids a chance or maintain some sophistry about fear and the purity of the school environment and give them no chance.

… Create a thorough program for willing, qualified, background-checked teachers and let them carry a weapon. Give our kids a chance when everything else has failed.

— Rick and Georgia

… Former players help Ferebee celebrate 99th birthday

One helluva a coach. I never played for him, but I did play against him — truly one of a kind!

— Scott Baucom