Letter: People need a voice in city meetings

Published 9:22 pm Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It is extremely puzzling to me to be a citizen of this community and find the City Council struggle with the idea that “we the people” have such a difficult time having a voice at public meetings. Individuals have time to speak during the public comment period, and that is healthy and wise, even when it makes us uneasy at times.

What bothers me are those left out, ones without a voice, the marginalized, those not taught how to speak truth to power. It should not be cumbersome for the public to have a voice, from groups working anonymously to make our community better, or for bodies of citizens wanting to bring something forward.

Why should the word “public” be taken off the agenda form that allows the voices of the community to be heard?  When citizens are elected to office, part of their responsibility is to listen to the public.

— Kim Porter