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January deeds

Deeds issued from the office of Rowan County Register of Deeds John Brindle for the month of January:


Atwell Township

Kimberly S. Leonard and husband to Mary F. Stirewalt, $0

Kenneth W. Long, II and wife to Clemintina Patricia Gramillo Gallardo, $13,000

Mary Eleanor Smith to James R. Varner and Wife, $5,000

Henry A. Parham, II to Henry Alexander Parham, $80,000

Ronald E. Pethel and Wife to Bonnie Elaine Pethel, $0

John G. Mullis and wife to John G. Mullis, $0

Leonard Nolan Moss and wife to Richard E. McGuire, $30,000

Michael Lynn Jolly to Howard Lewis Overcash and wife, $65,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to PNC Bank, $87,412

Robert Stiltner and wife to Thomas J. Alexander, $174,500

Barry D. Akers to Cheryl Akers Ansell, $60,000

Tamara Troutman Stroud and husband to Tamara Troutman Stroud and husband, $0

Robert P. Rudisill and Sheila M. Rudisill to Anthony Batton, $35,000

Kay S. Power, nka Kay S. Smith and husband to Donna Cross, $26,000

Robby Todd and wife to Peggy E. Gamewell and Rhonda E. Ketchie, $226,000

John G. Kirkman and wife to Chad Justin Kirkman, $0

John G. Kirkman and wife to Chad Justin Kirkman, $0


China Grove Township

Brian Alexander Jones and wife to Larry Bradley Jones and wife, $0

Jeffrey Schroyer to Jeffrey Alan Schroyer, $0

William D. Burgess and wife to David M. O’Bryan, $21,000

Nikita S. Koloff to Nikita S. Koloff, $0

Journey Capital, LLC to Rebecca Ann Pardue, $139,000

WJH, LLC to Travis S. Tino and spouse, $195,000

WJH, LLC to Jasmine R. Chohran and spouse, $173,000

Asset Development, LLC to Rouse Properties of Rowan, LLC, $70,000

Michael W. Brown to Michael W. Brown and wife, $0

Michael W. Brown and wife to Michael W. Brown and wife, $0

Ken C. Hartman to Rachel M. McMillen, $110,000

Jeffrey Ray Ritchie and wife to Melissa R. Loveless, $110,000

Victor Martinez to Laiching Wong, $185,000

FNMA to Brittany Sweat, $0

Terry E. Reid to Islandview Holdings, LLC, $35,000

Joel R., and wife to Rene A. Robichaud-Mercier and husband, $145,000

Tarik, LLC to George Brewer and wife, $162,000

Kimberly Ann Payne and husband to James Garret Bean, Tony R. Bean and wife, $100,000

Cheryl A. Ansell and Barry Dwayne Akers to Raymond Akers, $10,000

Ricky Dean Flynn and Lisa M. Flynn to Ricky D. Flynn and Lisa M. Flynn, co-trustees, $0

Andrew James Misenheimer and wife to Joshua George Green and wife, $142,000

Heather S. Bowers and husband to Brandt V. Sciortino and wife, $105,000

Matthew Ellis Summers and wife to Randy K. Corriher and wife, $193,000

R&M Woodland Company, LLC to Keith A. Robert, $38,000

Linda S. Hayer to Billy J. Baity, Jr., trustee,   $17,500

Harold W. Rinehardt to Harold W. Rinehardt, $0

HNK Properties, LLC to Jesus Doroteo Vasquez, $100,000

Thomas W. Bare to Christina Renee Murphy, $221,500

William H. Hamilton and spouse to Kirstie Brimble and Teodoro Perez, $170,000

Patricia Isom and Floyd Isom to US Bank National Association as Trustee, $78,000

Samuel W. Pressley and wife to Rent the Farms, LLC, $57,500

Todd Childers and wife to East Avenue Properties, LLC, $55,000

Atlantic American Properties, Inc to Ernest M. Willard, Jr. and wife, $90,000

Anthony D. Merrell and wife to Steven L. Fridley and wife, $125,000

Dependable Development, Inc to True Homes, LLC, $79,500

Dependable Development, Inc to True Homes, LLC, $40,000

Dependable Development, Inc to True Homes, LLC, $40,000

Deborah Wilson Tyson to Donald Knox and wife, $0

Dependable Development, Inc to True Homes, LLC, $40,000

James W. Beaver and wife to James W. Beaver and wife, for natural lives and Teresa Beaver Seagrove, remainder interest, $0

Delfina McGowan-Simpson to Bessie Jean McGowan Fullard, $0

Dependable Development, Inc to True Homes, LLC, $40,000

Robert John Stansbury to SetpProperties, LLC, $40,500

Blue Star Management, LLC to Elias B. Joya and wife, $70,000

Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. to Archer William Cummins, $100,000

Kerri L. Overcash and husband and Geoffrey Alan Lee and wife to Alan Daniels Overcash, $115,000

Mochael E. Yost to T-Four, LLC, $47,500

Dante Earl Broadway and Mary S. Broadway to Peachland Rental Associates, LLC, $0

Dependable Development, Inc to True Homes, LLC, $116,500

Dependable Development, Inc to True Homes, LLC, $33,500

Dependable Development, Inc to True Homes, LLC, $40,000

Kathy S. Scott and husband; Janie C. Sieh to River Walk Enterprise, Inc,. $60,000

River Walk Enterprise LLC to Elizabeth Walkes, $148,000


Cleveland Township

Roxanne Vandewege to C&R Investments, $29,000

Bobby O. Keller, Jr and wife to Catherine B. Smith and Donna Smith Rogers, $63,000


Franklin Township

Beverly J. Lancaster to Robert L. Lancaster, $0

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. to Fifth Third Bank, $68,000

Darrell L. Slater and wife to Oanh Thi Nguen and husband, $250,000

Earl H. May, Jr. and wife to Laura Michelle Henrik and husband, $315,000

Vicki Lyerly Reid and Dillon Edward Reid to James B. Sides, Jr and Ernest D. Bartlett, $4,000

Teresa Vinson, Executrix for Nesbit Chunn Rudisell to Vicki Gray, $0

Teresa Vinson, Executrix for Nexbit Chunn Rudisell to Nesbit Lamont Rudisell, $0

Jane Brown Whitlock, sttorney-in-fact for Dorman Earl Brown to Andrew Clay Jones and wife, $37,000

Scott A. Parsons and spouse to William C. Welsh and Nou K. Lee-Welsh, $345,000

Timothy Wing and wife to Bryan Lee Aycoth and wife, $288,000

Teresa Vinson, Executrix for Nesbit Chunn Rudisell to Teresa Vinson, $0

Guy E. Honbarrier, individually, and as executor of James Patrick Honbarrier Estate and wife to Josh William Honbarrier, $13,000

Dean Wilson and wife to Helen H. Wilson, $0

Deborah B. Melton, attorney for Dottie H. Brackens to Ross Gillean, $25,000

Danny J. Barber and wife to Fred Folger Burchette, Jr., $10,000

GCSG Investments Ltd. to Little Sister, LLC, $0

Paulette B. Lust to Paulette B. Lust and Andrew J. Davis, $0

Helder Yanez Penaloza and spouse to Jarred Lee Brooks, $120,000


Gold Hill Township

Jimmy L. Duncan and wife to D. Jason Smith, $100,000

Amber N. Wells, aka Burleyson and husband to Kenneth D. Witt, $140,000

Steve L. Medlin and wife to Tyler Robes and wife, $43,000

Gray Pennington to Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, $4,000

Randall Keith Horton and wife to Terry W. Medley, $55,000

Dustin Lentz Corl and wife to Terry W. Medley, $13,000

NC Properties I, LLC to Lennar Carolinas, LLC, $195,000

Barbara Nell Rayburn and husband to Marcie JoAnn Page and husband, $0

Barbara Nell Rayburn and husband to Kenneth Alan Earnhardt and wife, $0

Howard W. Brown, Jr. and wife to Danielle Marnita Shuping Krack and husband, $93,000

MTS Visions, LLC to Pamela J. Legge and husband, $20,500

CMH Homes, Inc to Danny L. Freeman and wife, $154,500

Ken Kellis Builders, Inc. to Adam Roof and wife, $297,000

Tim L. Ervin and wife to Benjamin H. Bridges, III, trustee for Fisher Farm Trust, $0

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, DBA Christiana Trust, Trustee for Pertium Mortgage Trust to Chipper E. Thomas and Three Niner, LLC, $16,000

Andrew Jessie Suber, Jr. to Stone by Lynch, LLC, $119,000

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Jammy Delle Lowe, $88,500

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC to Mahly Gomez, $23,000

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, $0

David L. Linker and wife and John T. Linker and wife and Alice H. Linker through attorney to David L. Linker and John T. Linker and Alice H. Linker, $0

David L. Linker, attorney for Alice H. Linker to Alice H. Linker $0

Marissa Mills, fka Marisssa Cogburn and husband to Jeremy B. Greene and wife, $149,000

Randy G. Kluttz to Randy G. Kluttz and wife, $0

Weina Ke to Otis B. Gillette, $0


Litaker Township

Howard Wayne Dabbs and wife to William O. Hawkins and wife, $154,000

Trudy A. Cranford to ABC Towing of the Carolinas, LLC, $4,000

Spencer Lane Construction, LLC to Arlette C. Ballew, $292,000

Amy Nicole Teasley aka Amy Nicole Hevenor to Amy Nicole Teasley and husband, $0

Sarah Gantt Goodman to Jonathan Andrew Goodman,

Miguel A. Alvarez and wife to Ty Holmes Womble, $24,000

Spencer Lane Construction, LLC to Kaye Parks Danie,l $255,000

Grover S. Osborne, Jr. and wife to Joshua Logan Phillips, $65,000

Barbara E. Brown to Donnia Brown, $0

Aaron L. Laidlaw and wife to David Lee Barnhardt and wife, $0

Geneva Kimrey Purvis to Tommy W. Weatherford and wife, $32,000

Bradley T. Johnson and wife to Daniel Alvarez Hernandez and wife, $259,000

Joy Beaver Fagan and husband to Judy Beaver,   $0

Joy Beaver Fagan and husband to Joy Beaver,   $0

Julie Beth Holt fka Julie Beth Putman and husband to Julie Beth Holt, $0

Ronald D. Taylor and wife, co-trustees of the Ronald D. Taylor and Sheila M. Taylor Revocable Living Trust; and Ronad D. Taylor and wife to Makson, Inc , $0


Locke Township

Terry S. Berringer and wife to John Johnson and wife, $87,000

Cohen Roofing and Metal, Inc. to Christopher Young Cohen, $0

Jennifer A. Myers to Darren F. Kimball, Brandi M. Kimball, $158,000

Terry S. Barringer, Jr. and wife to Eric O. Bonds and wife, $6,000

Kimberly B. Price and husband to Kimberly B. Price annd husband, $0


Morgan Township

Linda M. Fergusson to Jesse Green, $5,000

CMH Homes, Inc to Glenn Josey and Tiffany Poole, $192,000

Marc C. Lomartire and wife to Christopher Shannon Spark,s $0

Executors of the Estate of George William Foster to Rowland Properties, $172,500


Mt. Ulla Township

Brett Gray and wife to William Terry Morrow and wife, $54,000

American Land Corporation to Gregory A. Lewis, Sr. and wife, $84,000


Providence Township

  1. File and wife to Allen Blaine Ailshie, Jr. and wife, $60,500

Bobby Lee Hayes to Richard Darrell Owen and wife, $0

Knight Custom Construction, LLC to Joy C. Sauder, $6,500

Conan F. Thompson and wife to Holly Riley and husband, $36,000

Sallie Mae Mears and husband to Jeffrey Sullivan, $0

Hazel I. Shepherd to Suburban Property Management, LLC, $25,000


Salisbury Township

  1. Sylvia Wiseman and husband to David Allan Watson and wife, $22,000

Biller River Development Partners, LB to Curtis E. Cummings and wife, $180,500

Rodney R. Brooks to Todd Starr and wife, $46,500

Tony D. Leatherman to Richard Gross Rogers and wife, $30,000

Troy L. Cunningham, aka Troy L. Eleder and spouse to Troy L. Eleder, $50,000

Jason B. Ritchie and Tonya L. Ritchie to Tyler Westerfield and Kristie Ducheasneau, $104,000

Mid Americal Mortgage, Inc to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $0

Bre Mariner Marketplace to RCC Marketplace, LLC, $0

Douglas Cowan and Helen Cowan to Michael Jones, $0

Anchor Caital Investors CW, LLC to WJH, LLC, $74,000

Bre Mariner Marketplace LP to RCC marketplace, LLC, $7,800

Santander Bank, N.A. to William M. McLaughlin, $87,500

Kenneth A. Koontz and wife to Michael Shane Moore, $112,000

Jason A. Cross and wife to Russell Oliver, Jr. $225,000

Estate of Ferrens T. Jones to Doris Hig,h $89,000

Rufus M. Johnson to Nicholas Menster, $2,000

Billy H. Peeler, Jr. and wife to Judy M. Peeler and Billy H. Peeler, Jr., trustees of the Judy M. Peeler Living Trust, $0

Judy M. Peeler and Billy H. Peeler, Jr., settlors and trustees of the Judy M. Peeler Living Trust to Billy H. Peeler, Jr. and wife, $0

Paulette Oglesby, heir of Deloris Leazer Oglesby to MOST Investments 2, LLC, $6,000

Valerie Lynn Gray and husband to Valerie Lynn Gray, $0

Entrust Carolina, LLC, nka American IRA, LLC fbo Ledford M. Simmerson, IRA to American IRA, LLC, fbo Dianne P. Simmerson, beneficiary of Ledford D. Simmerson IRA, $0

Melissa A. Warren and spouse to Maynard E. Furge, Jr. and wife, $242,000

Edward C. Sullivan and wife to Thomas A. Knox, $300,000

Patricia Roark Payne to Angie Payne Pennington, $0

Safeguard Veterans Home Care, LLC to Carolina Betancourt and spouse, $123,000

Colette Lebleu Miller and husband to Robert Rich and wife, $205,500

Jason Hill and Hollie Hale-Hill to Geary Dale McMinn, $198,000

WJH, LLC to Brandi D. Hawkins, $117,500

David McNally and wife to Maryl K. Walters, $96,000

American IRA, LLC fbo Dianne P Simmerson, Beneficiary of Ledford M. Simmerson IRA to Marla Blake, $18,000

Sophia L. Turner to Keith R. Turner, $0

BMS Investment Properties, LLC to Kevin M. Thompson and spouse, $155,000

William A. Wood to Suburban Property Management, LLC, $63,000

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc to Wells Fargo Bank, $43,000

James Lynch and wife to Coney Homes, LLC, $32,000

Dean Wilson and wife to Helen H. Wilson, $0

Tamara LeAnne Moore and husband; Sabrina Starr McMilland and husband; David Davis Eades, II and wife; Angela Chandler Eades; John Hubert Moore, Jr. as executor of the estate of David Davis Eades to Brian Ramos and wife, $120,000

Roger S. Hendrix to Angela W. Hendrix, $0

Harrison Y. Smith and wife to Rachel Heffington Davis and husband, $345,500

Matthew B. Wagoner and wife to to Mossy Oak Properties, $13,000

CastleRock, LLC to Homes by Exodus,LLC, $24,000

Boyd I. Gault and wife to Timothy C. Klaus, $30,000

Wayne M. Cline and wife to Douglas W. Cline and wife, $75,000

James R. Neely to Paul L. Dunbar Group, Inc., $0

Anthony W. Garner and wife to Frank Joseph Rehak, III and wife, $175,000

State Employees’ Credit Union to SECU*RE, Inc., $38,000

Koua Vang and wife to Monica Dominguez, $34,500

Dennis Gene DeLong and wife to Kyle E. DeLong and Jeff Smith, $0

Vanessa Bass as Special Administrator of the Estate of Joniece E. Anderson to Elma Rochelle Anderson Jackson, $0

Daniel M. Patterson and wife to Michael Doran and wife, $74,500

Robyn J. Hutson, executrix of the estate of Robert William Aubrey; Robyn J. Hutson; Steven Marschner and wife; Eric Marschner; Gregory Gillooly and wife; Bryan Gillooly and wife to Duke C. Brown, $26,000


Scotch-Irish Township

Wanda Collins Sparks; Elaine Collins Query and husband; Robert Wayne Collins and wife to Samantha L. Rowles, $245,000


Steele Township

Jon Olson and wife to Timothy R. Youks and wife, $376,000

Harry T. Poore and wife to Sonny Ray Miller, $13,000


Unity Township

Nelson Everhardt, Jr. and wife; Billy Joe Everhardt and wife; Reita Everhardt Smyre and husband; Melvin Allen Rice by attorney; Nelson Franklin Everhardt, Jr. and wife by attorney to Tracy Alan Snider and wife, $580,000

Michael A. Frost and wife to Billie Lynn Sullivan and husband, $205,000




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Salisbury man charged with exploitation of minor


Road rage incident results in assault charges


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High School

Coaches, lawmakers react to governor’s order expanding sporting event capacity


Three new COVID-19 deaths, positives remain below triple digits


Gov. Cooper announces end to curfew, changes to restrictions affecting bars, high school sports


Blotter: Two charged after call about package


Salisbury Police investigating two shootings


Chase involving Kernersville man ends in woods behind Carson High School