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Published 12:00 am Friday, March 2, 2018

… Timothy Dryman: Arming teachers not the answer

This article should be required reading for all legislators who are considering arming teachers at school. Mr. Dryman understands that simply taking a concealed carry course cannot fully prepare someone for the reality of facing another person with a gun and pulling the trigger.

If we really want to help teachers protect their students, let’s start with paying them what they deserve and supplying them with the educational tools to help their students succeed.

— Jenni Pfaff

Texas has over a hundred school districts allowing concealed carry with teachers — with large signs in front of those schools warning “shooters” of their imminent demise. Those schools will never get hit. I would bet my house on it. Wake up, ostrich people.

— Randy Biggerstaff

Let the teachers do what they are trained to do, and that is teach. But provide professional armed security for them and the children. A very good article.

— Charles Barker

This writer makes some very good points. He also reminds us that we should consult with people with experience when trying to deal with these problems. Knee-jerk reactions may cause more harm than good.

— Doug Sokolowski

With all the veterans that are out of work in our country, why not hire them to guard the schools? This would solve two problems. Lower the unemployment rate among the vets and protect our children.

(The vets) would have to undergo psych evaluations, background checks and training. You may ask about the costs involved, but what about the value of our children’s lives?

One school resource officer per school is not enough. The number should be gauged to the size of the school. Let the teachers have the option of being armed. Food for thought.

— Ronnie Fulcher

Letter: Protect schools like courthouses

Interesting idea, Mr. McDaniel. Thank you for suggesting possible solutions rather than throwing things and shouting insults.

— Chris Coleman

… Letter: Teachers already fear some students

I consider this proposal bad for all teachers and students, including youngsters who could accidentally find a haphazardly placed gun on the back of a toilet seat, forgotten and loaded. But you have valid points, which some non-blacks will refuse to acknowledge.

— Kaitlyn Eagle

… We have missed
the target on guns

Absolutely correct. Let’s cut the garbage on TV, dumb phones, etc.

— N.R. Sloop

Whatever Cain used to kill Abel, he could not have killed Abel, 16 others and injured 14 in a matter of seconds with a stick, rock or something else, as Nikolas Cruz did at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High with an assault weapon on Valentine’s Day.

Additionally, no one could have committed murder of this magnitude with the hand-held weapons of the day in America in 1791 when the original Bill of Rights was ratified.

… People have been doing bad things to one another since the beginning of civilization and will continue to some extent in spite of our efforts to improve society. We can blame the problem on the heart of man or evil etc. But we also need to look objectively on all fronts in areas that we can address — including assault weapons that are much available to the general public, along with improving security at schools, mental health and so on.

— Barry Stokes

… Letter: Tougher
gun laws needed

The cowardly, sick and twisted lost souls who attack schools and other soft targets do that because they won’t be opposed. You don’t hear about them attacking a police station. They go after “soft” targets where they can do damage without being confronted.

The Parkland shooter did his thing and snuck out of the school before police got there, and he wore body armor. Obviously he wanted to do his thing and not get hurt.

Given that, maybe President Trump has a valid point when he considers training and arming teachers. I know schools are supposed to be special havens, but in the minds of these child killers the lack of opposition makes them ripe plums for the picking.

— Georgia Sorensen

… Rowan-Salisbury school board discusses resource officers for elementary schools

I am confused as why it would cost so much to employ a resource officer ($112,000 for pay and equipment) for a year. Why so much? Recently retired from DPS and it would have taken me nearly three years to have earned this much.

— Rachel R. Young

… We are being Balkanized

Some truth but media sensationalism is only a small part of the picture. There are many other parts to this problem. It can’t be cherry-picked and wrapped into a nice tidy package.

— Darlene Pendergrass

I won’t comment to get Mr. Boardman’s dander up, but I will comment to endorse all that he has said. Division within this nation runs strong, and it’s the sensationalism, sectionalism, and political extremism that fuels that division.

— Eric Shock

… Students review ‘Julius Caesar’ at Piedmont Players

What a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Well done to all those who had a hand in making “Julius Caesar” real for the youngsters on stage as well as those of us who proudly watched. Well done.

— Evelyn Looney

… Albemarle man pinned while working
on disabled car

Last year, distraction-related deaths were 3,450. Doesn’t matter what the cause is, it’s an epidemic. I’ve seen local law enforcement officers drive past someone with their phones to their ears or looking at them texting. More laws aren’t going to stop this any more than they will with firearms.

What if Mr. Wright had been killed? … Dead is dead, and injuries can last a lifetime. Enough is enough. Stiffen the penalties and folks will stop doing it.

— Mitsa Waya

Thank you for acting quickly, Officer Sanders!

— Jeff Morris

… City Clerk Diane Gilmore says she’s
a lifelong learner

Diane Gilmore is a true asset to our city leadership. She is professional and proficient. She greets you with a smile every time. I am so grateful for her commitment to our city.

— Renee Wimbish

… Reps. Ted Budd and Richard Hudson visit New Sarum Brewing

I guess pitching to the brewmaster was felt to be more productive than having a town hall meeting with the voters.

— Eric Marsh

… Cierra Lannon: No first semester blues

What a mature and awesome young lady! Can’t wait to see how your future unfolds. Giddy-up and hang on, world!

— Nancy Hudson