Letter: United Way is a big piece of the puzzle for Trinity Living Center

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 25, 2018

The activity director in me wants you to do a little creative thinking. Think about a picturesque puzzle with a rolling landscape and a water feature. There is a park bench with an older couple and their golden retriever looking over the water and the flowering landscape. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

That puzzle has intricate pieces perfectly made to fit together.

Trinity Living Center is much like that puzzle. Many pieces are required to keep us going. An executive director who makes sure we are on the right path. A program coordinator who makes you feel right at home. A nurse who doesn’t just distribute meds, but makes each person we care for feel important. The CNA staff members who make sure hundreds of things happen every day.

Lastly, the activity staff that make people smile while nurturing their social skills, keeping them up and moving, and ensuring they have creative outlets. Each piece is necessary to make up the puzzle of Trinity Living Center.

The best way to put a puzzle together is to start with the foundation of it, the outside pieces.

One of our biggest outside pieces is the Rowan County United Way, giving us the framework to make a beautiful picture. When Rowan County employers ask you to contribute during their pledge drive, many  people may not understand where that money goes and skip it. I urge those folks to reconsider.

We have the opportunity to create joy and memories with residents. We serve veterans, seniors, and disabled young adults in a home-like atmosphere because of United Way support.

If you would like to support programs like ours, please consider donating to Rowan County United Way at 1930 Jake Alexander Blvd. W, Salisbury, NC 28147 or go towww.rowanunitedway.org and set up your donation online.

— Jessica Swanson