Letter: We must protect every school

Published 5:50 pm Sunday, February 18, 2018

I don’t know why, but Wednesday when the latest school occurred at the Florida high school, I thought America has got to do everything they can to fix this problem. We need to take a different approach.

Our children are the most precious thing that we have. No one should be able to get on a campus and harm our children. I think every county has to think outside the box and do everything they can to protect every school — gated entrances that you can only get in with a card like a gated community, metal detectors set up where everyone enters the building, volunteers in the community to monitor halls and other areas where people might enter. I really believe you could get plenty of volunteers with the encouragement of our police and school officials.

I don’t know whether you arm these people or not; I am not sure of the legal implications that would bring.

In summary, anyone entering a school campus parking lot would go through a gate like at a gated community — teachers, parents, other school workers, vendors and anyone else that has needs to be on school property.

When entering the building, everyone would go through some kind of metal detector.

In addition there would be volunteers in hallways, and other locations where a intruder might try to enter.

We need to do something affordable, and quickly. I think our leaders need to get their heads together and move quickly.

— Howard Edwards