Letter: Deficit not as big as editorial cartoon suggests

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The political cartoon by Joe Heller, “Another Red Vehicle Launched” (in Tuesday’s paper), was very misleading. On the side of the armored car it appeared to say “$12 trillion.” But if you look very, very close, above the “B” and slightly below the “1” and “2,” you can see a very small decimal point, or maybe just a drawing/print error.

So which is it?

After fact checking several sources including the Wall Street Journal and even CNN, Trump’s budget would have a deficit of $1 trillion to 1.5 trillion for the first year. Over a 10-year period, it would be $7 trillion.

So is Joe Heller trying to make the readers believe Trump’s budget deficit will be $12 trillion, and over what period of time? The $7 trillion over 10 years is still far less than the nearly $10 trillion over the eight years of Obama.

— Dale Myers