Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 4, 2018

1. Salisbury composer and musician Marc Hoffman has spent this weekend in Chimney Rock and Asheville playing the accompanying music to silent movies, which were filmed in the North Carolina mountains roughly 100 years ago. What small community in North Carolina was a hotbed for film productions during the silent movie era?

A. Waynesville

B. Sylva

C. Franklin

D. Bat Cave

2. George Theiss, a New Jersey native who is now a Rowan County resident, has been a musician all his life, but during his teen years he played and wrote songs with what performer who became nationally known?

A. Bob Seger

B. Bruce Springsteen

C. Tom Petty

D. Jon Bon Jovi

3. This past week, Salisbury and Rowan County authorities received numerous reports about a nude man walking down West Innes Street. It turned out he wasn’t nude — he was wearing saggy pants that exposed his buttocks — but what did law enforcement end up charging him with?

A. Stealing flowers from a nearby cemetery

B. Indecent exposure

C. Littering

D. Public drunkenness

4. Livingstone and Catawba colleges are teaming up this spring to provide a Salisbury Girls Who Code Club. What will this free, 12-week program do?

A. Teach middle school girls computer coding basics

B. Teach high school girls the kind of code-breaking skills used by the British against Germany during World War II

C. Offer fashion advice — have them dress to “code” — for girls entering high school next year

D. Offer advice — also known as the “code” — to young women who will soon be navigating a college campus environment on their own

5. Catawba College and Rowan-Salisbury Schools have created a partnership that helps what teaching sector in the local public schools?

A. Teachers looking to earn a master’s degree in education

B. Teachers interested in moving into school administration jobs

C. Lateral-entry teachers who need their certification

D. First-year teachers

6. A water main break closed a portion of what Salisbury street for more than three weeks?

A. Richmond Road

B. West Horah Street

C. Henderson Street

D. South Fulton Street

7. Vincent Spillman, a recent East Rowan High and Liberty University graduate, won a contest that provided him a chance to play a video game with whom?

A. Greg Olsen of the Carolina Panthers

B. Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets

C. Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers

D. Marvin Williams of the Charlotte Hornets

8. A half-dozen volunteers from Rowan Helping Ministries took to the streets this past Wednesday night to count and survey the homeless population in Salisbury to determine how many people remain unsheltered and how local humanitarian organizations are meeting their needs. What is the name of this annual count?

A. Snapshot

B. Point in Time

C. Tally Ho!

D. Ticking Clock

9. A former treasurer with the booster club of the West Rowan Middle School Band is charged with embezzling how much money from the organization?

A. $3,000

B. $9,000

C. $14,000

D. $19,000

10. As of last Tuesday, Novant Health Rowan Medical Center had how many confirmed cases of the flu?

A. 127

B. 213

C. 355

D. 401


1. D.
2. B.
3. A.
4. A.
5. C.
6. D.
7. B.
8. B.
9. C.
10. A.