Linda Beck: Tests became my testimony

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 27, 2018

When reading the Bible, we learn stories about people living with disabilities of various types. Some of these people experience healing miracles. Others, like the apostle Paul, continue to live with “a thorn in their side.”

But there is one story about Mephibosheth, the grandson of Saul and son of Jonathan. When this boy was a healthy 5-year-old, a kind nurse was running while carrying him away from the enemies who had killed his grandfather and father. The nurse stumbled and dropped him; both of his legs were broken and he remained crippled the rest of his life. As years passed, he continued needing to be carried and taken care of as he lived in the worst slums.

King David prospered and asked his officials if any descendants of Saul’s were still living. He was told about Mephibosheth and ordered the Royal guards to bring that young man to the palace to live and eat at the King’s table. He even presented the crippled man with land and possessions which had belonged to King Saul.

I went back and read the book of Second Samuel, and once again I can feel God’s presence in the life of one crippled lady who has been blessed in so many ways throughout a life of difficulties, loss of loved ones, and sadness almost beyond understanding at times.

As I returned to finish reading Joel Osteen’s new book, “Blessed in the Darkness” in one paragraph Joel said, “What’s interesting is that this boy was never healed and for the rest of his life he remained crippled. It may seem as though this isn’t a good ending. But I’ve learned that if God doesn’t remove the difficulty, if he doesn’t totally turn it around, He will make it up to you. You may have lost a loved one; you can’t bring that person back, but God can make the rest of your life so rewarding, so fulfilling, that it takes away the pain.”

After more discussion about Mephibosheth, God reminded me of circumstances that have applied in my life as follows. “When God overwhelms you with His goodness, when he brings you out with double, you don’t think about what you’ve lost, who hurt you, or what didn’t work out. You’re so amazed that God remembered you, promoted you, brought the right people when you didn’t think you could go on and had them carry you to the palace — all you do is thank Him for what He’s done.”

Another comment that has certainly been true in my life was as follows:

“God has people already lined up to carry you, to encourage you, to help you do what you could not do on your own.”

That has certainly been the reward that God has given me. The tests that I have endured have indeed become my testimony praising Him for how He gave me opportunities to share His blessings through speaking and writing.

And I can indeed see where He “lined up” all these people who have “carried me” through these tests, which sums up my testimony. Praise God for all the tests and blessings I have lived through.

Linda Beck lives in Woodleaf. Email her at

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