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Published 12:00 am Friday, January 26, 2018

Editorial: Fitting tribute
for firefighters

This would be a fitting tribute to both of these fine men.

— Ronnie Fulcher

With the end of TPS, thousands of Rowan County residents are wondering: “What now?”

I understand that it is hard for these families to simply just leave. I understand that it puts children in hard situations. I understand that children of these families have not had any choices in this matter. However, feelings and sympathy have zero to do with this. It comes down to the rule of law.

— Travis Allen

They had 17 years to work on getting their green cards. No love lost here. They wanna cry because they have to leave. Well, they shouldn’t have wasted those years not completing the green card program and process. If they wanted to stay, they should’ve completed the process granting them their permanent status and became legal citizens. I’m not against immigrants, just want it
done the legal way.

— Charles Coren

Wow, and so many of you identify as Christian. This is supposed to be one of the most heavily church-attending areas of the country, yet reading some of these comments, I’m not feeling any Christian love for one another, just a lot of judging of situations most have no direct knowledge of.

… It saddens me that there is so little compassion here in the so-called Bible Belt. I hear and read about people going to serve missions in places like Haiti where they seemingly embrace and serve the local people in need but will not let them onto their home soil. My, how Jim Crow has evolved.

— Marian Latimer

17 years is plenty of time. If you enjoy the USA, do the paperwork (and) get legal, not ride the assistance train till you’re told you have to get off

— Brandon Cochrane

Letter: Lobsters can
feel pain

I many times question if those raw oysters I eat can feel pain. I believe in PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals.

— Larry Cole

Employee gives coat
to veteran in need

I absolutely love this story, I’m an AMSA at the Albany VA clinic (and a vet) and I feel very touched by this act of kindness. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This could have been any one of us in need of a coat. Thank you, Mr Barksdale.

— Tonya Walker

Letter: Dr. King’s message challenged the system
of power

Thank you, Keith, for your excellent commentary. Probably no white person will ever fully grasp the racism that is woven into the total framework and history of our country. Dr. King’s quote, however, in your next-to-last paragraph should convict and challenge us all to want to understand a little more today than we understood yesterday; and that comes not from listening to what other white people say about racism — we’ve heard that already — but from listening to those who live every day of their lives oppressed by all of us born with lighter pigment. Thank you for being one who gets it and for using your voice to challenge us all.

— Kathy Vestal

Meltdown: Snow from recent storm disappearing as temperatures warm

Oh, really?

— Nikki Files

Editorial: Change for change’s sake

“Salisbury is often accused of clinging to the past. More than ever, we need a council that is flexible, collaborative and forward-looking.” Then what would be the downside of four hours of citizen inclusion during the retreat? It would give the citizenry an opportunity to bring fresh thoughts/ideas to the process. In my experience, the best way to invigorate a system or process is to invite someone or some procedure to the table.

There are many issues in Salisbury that are stuck in a limbo — let’s invite new voices, new views, and perhaps, in four hours, generate the possibility of solutions. There are no easy answers in the slow slog of government, but there may be untried avenues, or maybe just narrow deer paths, that guide us more quickly and more fairly to our goal. Unless, of course, the goal is to keep things as they are.

— Whitney Peckman

A fine birthday meal

Absolutely wonderful sentiments, and even more special memories we make around meals and tables with family and friends. Blessings for you on this first birthday without without him.

— Brenda Zimmerman

Here’s to Parkie. That sounds wonderful!

— Jenni Efird Pfaff

Riverkeeper Will Scott: Clearing the water
of High Rock

Rowan County residents have the opportunity to show genuine leadership in protecting and enhancing High Rock Lake. Still, it will take the meaningful collaboration of communities, landowners, farmers and developers, among others, up and down the Yadkin River basin, to attain the environmental quality necessary to sustain this vitally important natural resource.

— Joe Morris

A North Rowan High grad and ‘Jeopardy!’ champ: Who is Lee Quinn?

To Lee’s mom, “How on earth does he know these things?” Sandy asks. I had numerous classes with Lee in middle school and high school and asked that same question several times throughout those years. LOL. He was “scary smart” back then; glad to see it hasn’t changed.

— Amanda Thomas Evans

Final Jeopardy: Lee Quinn’s run on game show ends

Congratulations! Glad to hear you did so well. You have made me proud, just because of where you are from. Way to go!

— Darlene Alexander

Retired from football, K.P. Parks shifts gears
to training career

Gentleman, I am praying the best for your endeavors. Much love and success.

— Emily Perry

Warming up: Snow and
ice melt, but rural roads
still dicy

I love snow but also am glad to see it go.

— Brenda Locklear

John Hood: Put work requirements on Medicaid

Mr. Hood, I realize you want to save taxes for your financier, Art Pope, off the backs of the rest of us, but you must realize, we all work hard and we all care about making a better life for ourselves.

By the way, you “work” for a professional “think tank.” What exactly is a “think tank?”

— Karen McGee Puckett

Bill Ward: Truth in history

Is it possible to agree that history is a social construct that is in the eye of the beholder? With all this fuss, I am glad I taught math instead of history because there is safety in numbers.

— Reginald Brown

White lightning! Higher-than-expected snow accumulations surprise Rowan, rest of Piedmont

A big thanks goes out to Craig (Powers), all of our city public services and utility crews, city and county firefighters, police, and emergency personnel.

— Larissa Harper

Ted Budd: How the tax law affects you

This sounds wonderful, until I start asking questions. What are these companies doing to equal out the raise in minimum wage? Moving more people to part time? Laying off? Are these bonuses just a one-time thing?

Also, he doesn’t mention here that these tax cuts are temporary. There is no mention of the permanent tax cuts for corporations. Why couldn’t they do it the other way around? There’s also no mention of how the changes in the Affordable Care Act will affect his constituents.

Will we get answers to these, and many other, questions?

— Jenni Efird Pfaff

Salisbury City Council disagrees on election committee; Miller says he won’t run for re-election

Very interesting. Post, Sheffield and Heggins want citizen input on this issue. Sheffield says, “Whatever fits the city of Salisbury is what needs to happen here. Not because one or five of us want to do something that’s in our best interest.” But less than a month ago, the same people decided council meetings shouldn’t open with public prayer without citizen input. I see the new members doing exactly the same things in the same way as the previous council members they criticized.

Some things are done because that’s the way they work best, plain and simple. Just because you get elected by a small percentage of the community doesn’t mean the majority wants things turned upside down.

A new election is two years away; then we will see how differently people really want things.

— Theo Flemming

Murder verdict: Marlene Johnson guilty

Good. Thank the Lord. She can’t hurt anyone else.

— Rachel Summitt


— Norberto Menendez

Letter: Capstone offers new life to women in crisis

I have seen this transformation first-hand when my daughter went to Capstone. The change was so dramatic and not only for the ladies there but also their families. Also the prayers and support continue long after they leave Capstone.

Some ministries you give to you’re not sure where all the money goes. This one you don’t have to worry about that. It all goes for helping these ladies in some way or other. Please support this ministry with your prayers and and all the money that you can.

— Donna Carter