Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 8:53 pm Monday, January 15, 2018

… ‘Operation Gray Death Nightmare’ arrests 13, identifies 7 others wanted on drug charges

Very good job. I pray you get them all.

— Patricia Rodgers

They have to get these people some help; prison does not help. It easier to get drugs in prison than on the streets.

KPD uses … adults to make drug buys for them and will then charge them with trafficking. Five pills can be weighed and charged as trafficking as heroin.

Cabarrus County cares more about looking good and having a high conviction rate so they use their ring to scare people to plea who can’t reason right from wrong. … They just want to look good to the public and care nothing about the lives they destroy.

— Kaitlyn Smith

You are absolutely right about the problems with the “war on drugs.” Jail does not solve the problem and using addicts as informants and keeping them immersed in the world of drugs, even paying for their drugs with tax dollars instead of getting them the help they need, is unethical ….

We need new programs in place to treat addiction, because locking people up, putting them on probation or making them pay fines are not fixing anything; it just keeps the cycle going.

Addiction is a sickness and should be treated by professionals. Treating it as a crime has never worked and never will. The drug trade has become so profitable for law enforcement that they are just another part of the problem and contribute to keeping it thriving.

— Stephanie Jo Young

Sure, blame the police and not those guilty. Typical.

— Kristi Hovater

We need more sports, recreational entertainment for the community. More counseling with people, less with pharma. And Salisbury needs a public relations overhaul in areas.

— Anna Swaringen