Letter: Rowan has never had a better opportunity

Published 7:50 pm Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I want to thank Mr. Greg Edds for his Jan. 7 column on how we grow Rowan County to be more competitive. His letter is spot-on and should be a rallying cry to every citizen of Rowan County to embrace the vision he laid out so we can drive economic growth, infrastructure improvements, educational advancements, workforce preparation and community excitement.

There has never been a more opportunistic time for our county than now. We have so much positive momentum happening around us, but each of us must embrace it, and become an ambassador to bring people to our county and municipalities.

Those of us in China Grove are totally committed to the vision that has been defined for economic development, education/workforce, jobs, infrastructure, marketing of our brand and strong communities.

We have a choice in front of us  to choose a path of dynamic growth, economic development and a better way of life for all. We need to build a county where people want to come here to not only shop, recreate, dine, but also to live and raise their families.

The leaders of our county and municipalities are building that vision, it is up to us to actively support that.

— Rodney Phillips

China Grove