Letter: Government: 3 Seniors: 0

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 27, 2017

I just got my Social Security statement for 2018, and it doesn’t look good. The statements in this article pertain to me and my Social Security only. I know some seniors make more, and a lot make less, so here goes.

In 2015, we got a raise that put me making $1,158 per month. In 2016, Mr. Obama said there was no cost of living increase, so we got nothing, which leaves my 2016 income at $1,158 a month.

Then in 2017, we got a three-tenths of 1 percent raise, which meant a $4 increase for me, but the government took it back because of increased Medicare insurance, which leaves my Social Security check in 2017 at $1,158 a month.

Then comes 2018. I got a 2 percent increase, which was $23 to me. However, the government took it all back because Medicare insurance went up $23, which leaves me — you guessed it — at $1,158 per month for 2018. No increase in three years.

So, you folks who can’t wait to retire and not work anymore, think about it. The story above just might happen to you, too. Everyone have a blessed day.

— James Trexler