Local students review ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 7, 2017

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” is playing at the Norvell Theater, 135 E. Fisher St. Shows are at 7:30 p.m. today and Saturday, 7:30 p.m. Dec. 14-16, and 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Dec. 16.

Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students and seniors. For tickets, call 704-633-5471 or purchase online at PiedmontPlayers.com.

Students at local schools got a chance to preview the beloved Christmas story this week and wrote reviews with their thoughts on the production.  

Rockwell Christian School fourth-graders

• “I thought the play was enjoyable to watch.” — Isaac Horton

• “I like the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ play because the actors were funny and enjoyable. It also taught me that Christmas is all about Jesus’ birth.” — Rileigh Hunter

• “I loved the part where Lucy acted like she was the ‘boss.'” — Savannah Basinger

• “I liked it because the actors were brave while standing in front of that crowd.”  — Zach Hollifield

•  “I liked it because it was very enthusiastic.” — Makayla Cauble

• “I absolutely loved it. It was a classic. The actors were very life-like. Ten out of 10!” — Jacob Dodds

 • “I liked the play because the actors were amazing.” — Brooke Limerick

North Rowan Elementary fourth-graders 

• “My favorite part of  ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ is when Charlie Brown saw the tree and as he started singing he got the feeling of Christmas. It made me happy to see the spirit of Christmas through Charlie Brown. It was a wonderful performance.” — C. Nesbitt

• “I thought the play ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ was funny. The performers looked and acted like the real Charlie Brown people. It was funny when Linus tripped and then was fighting with Snoopy over the blanket. I laughed hard when the tree bent when Charlie Brown put the ornament on it and it collapsed. I loved the show.” — A. Mills

Knollwood Elementary School 

• “We think the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ play was awesome because Charlie Brown realized Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and being with friends and family.” — Mrs. Johnson’s fourth-grade class

Enochville Elementary fourth-graders

• “My favorite part was when Lucy tried to punch Snoopy and then Snoopy licked her. She started to scream.” — Julia Burleson

• “At the play, my favorite part was when Charlie Brown found out what Christmas was about. I also loved how Snoopy decorated his dog house.” — Ashly Rangel

• “I really liked the Charlie Brown play. My favorite part was when Snoopy was dancing on the piano.” — Clayton Foster

• “The play was amazing and really funny. I think that the kids worked hard and did a great job. My two favorite parts were when Snoopy licked Lucy and when Linus knocked down the can with his blanket.” — Jessica Beaver

• “My favorite part of the play was when Linus told everyone the true meaning of Christmas that ‘The angel of the Lord told the shepherds that Jesus was going to be born.’ I also liked the part when Snoopy licked Lucy.” — Drae Hooks

• “My favorite part was when Snoopy got on the piano and danced. I read the book and the play was the same. I really liked the play.” — Ava Scarborough

• “My favorite part of the play was when Charlie Brown found out what the true meaning of Christmas was.” — Raegan Surkosky

• “My favorite part of the Charlie Brown play was when Lucy said to Linus, ‘I’ll give you five good reasons.’ When she said this, she held up five fingers and then folded them one by one to make a fist.” — Will Kelly

• “I liked the part when Charlie Brown put a red Christmas ball on the tree and the tree bent over. I also liked the part when the fancy Christmas tree magically appeared.” — Gavin Wait

• “My favorite part about the play was when Linus and Charlie Brown went to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. It was funny when Charlie Brown told Linus that Sally would be his wife. Another really funny part was when Lucy had her psychiatry stand and she was trying to figure out what case Charlie had and when she figured it out Charlie Brown yelled at her and made her fall over. These are reasons I loved the Charlie Brown Christmas play.” — Clancy Street

• “My favorite part was at the end when the Peanuts gang all came together and decorated the tree and made Charlie Brown happy.” — Brooklynne Woodard

• “I think the play was great because the actors were enthusiastic and dressed just like the characters. Also the play was almost just like the book.” — Coltrane Campbell

• “I liked this play because when Snoopy licked Lucy, she had a fit and it was funny.” — McKenna Jones

• “I liked the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’ play because it tells the true meaning of Christmas. When Linus says the true meaning of Christmas, it fills my heart with joy. I really liked the play and I’d like to see it again.” — Leevi Fowler