Guest column: Good things at Henderson

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 30, 2017

By Tracy Harris

Henderson Independent High School

SALISBURY — Communities in Schools started the school year by adding two more schools to its umbrella — Hurley Elementary and Henderson Independent High School.

Though I know that there are awesome things going on at all of our sites, I would like to take this time to brag on Henderson.

When you hear the name Henderson, there often is an immediate reaction of negativity.

“That’s the school for the bad kids.”

“There is nothing good coming out of Henderson.”

“The students are not learning anything over there.”

“That building is wasted space; why don’t they just close that school?”

To hear all the negative things that are being said is enough to make even the strongest, optimistic person want to throw in the towel or even question his ability to teach.

Though this is not my first experience working at Henderson, I must say that despite what is being said, there are some great things taking place at Henderson.

When I first learned that I would be working at Henderson this school year, I was excited because, for me, it was like returning home.

Though the students face many challenges in their attendance, academics and behavior, I must say that they rose to the occasion for the first quarter.

On Nov. 15, Henderson Independent High School hosted its first-quarter performance breakfast to honor students who had positive progression in attendance, coursework and behavior or who had made the honor roll.

Henderson had 17 students make the honor roll and a host of others show progress. Henderson in the past has not had good parent involvement but for this event, we had 17 parents attend to show support for their students.

This is a great start in the right direction for students at Henderson, and I can only hope that those who didn’t participate in the first-quarter breakfast will use this as motivation to begin to take a personal interest in their education and to realize that they, too, have the ability to be successful.

So I say stay tuned, Rowan County schools. This is not the last time you will hear of positive things coming from Henderson Independent High School.

Tracy Harris is a graduation coach at Henderson Independent High school