Putin says ‘nyet,’ but don’t believe it

Published 8:10 am Saturday, November 18, 2017

By Carter Wrenn

Talking About Politics

The Facebook ad had a picture of Satan, horned and gargoyled, arm wrestling with Jesus, with Satan saying, “If Hillary wins I win!” and a caption that said, “Today Americans are able to elect a President with godly moral principles… My vote goes for Trump!”

Who paid for the ad?

It said the Army of Jesus.

But on Facebook I only found one Army of Jesus, headed by a student at Liberty University who said he hadn’t posted that picture.

So who did pay for the ad?

A Senate and House intelligence hearing in Washington provided the answer: The Russians.

In Vietnam, Vladimir Putin told Donald Trump he never, ever “absolutely did not meddle in our election.” A reporter then asked Trump if he believed Putin. It took a while but Trump said flatly, No, he didn’t.

So the Democrats, the Republicans and President Trump all say the Russians meddled — but Putin says “Nyet.”

There’s a lot of foolishness and bluster in American politics but, if you want to see real evil at work, Russians using Satan to tell Americans how to vote fills the bill.