Letter: Gun control is not going to happen

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 16, 2017

For about a month straight now, Democrats and the media have been frothing at the mouth about gun control.

Let me put this in the simplest of terms for gun grabbers. You don’t ever get to disarm us. Never.

The blood hadn’t even dried in Vegas or Texas and the Democrats and the media just couldn’t help themselves and jump right on gun control.

The Second Amendment stands in the way of the Communist/globalist agenda. They want the government to be in control of everything. The Second Amendment, or rather the possession of arms, should be defended by any means necessary. The possession of arms is and always has been intentionally used as an insurance policy against tyranny.

In order to enforce this gun control dream, they are going to need people with guns to enforce their will. So really they aren’t against guns; they just want who they choose to have guns.

But we really don’t need to have a conversation about our rights to keep and bear arms. They’re rights. There’s nothing to talk about.

This goes for all our rights. I think we’ll keep ’em — all of them, unchanged.

I just don’t see anyone suiting up and risking their sorry carcass trying to separate normal Americans from their ability to defend themselves, their families and their Constitution from the people who constantly tell us how much they hate us.

We know that us having rights is inconvenient, but that’s too bad. Because we aren’t asking you for our rights. We’re telling you we aren’t giving them up.

— Wes Rhinier

Granite Quarry