East Spencer voters emphasize importance of voting

Published 2:48 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2017

By Shavonne Walker


EAST SPENCER — Lillie Bell McCluney sat on the passenger’s side of the car waiting to vote in Tuesday’s East Spencer municipal election, one of many she’s proud to have voted in, she said.

McCluney, 91, has voted in every election — presidential and municipal — since the election of John F. Kennedy, she said.

She said she cast her vote for Mayor Barbara Mallett, who is running for re-election because of her knowledge and experience.

Brenda Kelley rode with her brother, James Kaiser, to vote Tuesday. The most important reason Kelley said she voted in the municipal election was because she wants to see improvements made in the town. The East Spencer native said she voted for the people whom she felt were capable.

As of 12:20 p.m., Chief Election Judge Andrea Kirk said 104 people had voted at that point, which was more people than during the last municipal election around the same time.

“It’s been kind of busy and pretty steady,” Kirk said of turnout.

Erick Neely said it’s great to vote during the presidential election, but the city elections are what impact residents locally.

“The city is where you get your information from; it’s very important to support your city,” Neely said.

The local businessman stands behind Tony Hillian, who is a supporter of his barber shop business, and he believes in the issues that Hillian stands on, Neely said.

“I know what he stands for, he stands for the people,” Neel said.

He appreciates meeting with all of the candidates one-on-one during this campaign season because it has given him a chance to learn in-depth about their individual platforms.

The following are running for East Spencer mayor — Barbara Mallett, Teon Robinson and James Cowan, while the following are running for aldermen — Dwayne Holmes, Tammy Corpening, Jamilla Kennedy, Tony Hillian, Phronice Johnson and Otis Gibson.

The polls close at 7:30 p.m.