Letter: Thanks to Maggie Blackwell

Published 12:05 am Sunday, November 5, 2017

I am a community activist of the Lash Drive community in Salisbury and former Laurel Pointe Circle Apartments activity coordinator.

I would like to thank Mayor Pro Tem Maggie Blackwell for helping improve the quality of life for Lash Drive residents. During her tenure on the council, she was very instrumental in getting a bus line in our area and getting Lash Drive a much-needed road paving.

We are reaping the benefits of those actions today.

Mrs. Blackwell was not a phone call councilwoman; she was boots on the ground. She attended many community meetings and National Night Out events in the Lash Drive community to support us and hear our concerns, especially those of our senior residents.

Again, thank you for your public service. Job well done. Your service on the city council will truly be missed.

— Archie Reid