Letter: Troubled staff at GQ town hall?

Published 9:37 pm Monday, October 30, 2017

In response to “What is this election Shell game?” in the Oct. 28 Post, this write-in campaign for Mary Ponds has nothing to do with possible growth in Granite Quarry and the credit union.

It is due to the loss of many town staff under our current leadership. I fear there was a hostile working environment that caused the entire front office staff of five to leave for other positions. I have heard for some time that our mayor possibly conducts his personal business in town hall. A recent question regarding this at a town meeting was met with hostility and rudeness from our mayor and mayor pro-tem.

After vehemently denying this, the mayor stated he has a personal laptop and works on it wherever he is. A business associate reportedly met with the mayor on town hall property. What is the town’s liability should anyone on town property not conducting town business have an accident or be injured?

I regret this election has become contentious, but I proudly wrote in Mary Ponds as mayor of Granite Quarry and voted for Kim Cress and John Linker as aldermen. We have lost all our front office staff and numerous firefighters. So far I don’t think it has gone into our police but that department serves Faith as well.

We have a moral obligation to Faith and Granite Quarry to maintain a viable and dependable police department and fire department. I fear we may lose staff from the police department should our current leadership remain in force. I stand behind all my votes. Granite Quarry is my home and I care about this town and the people who serve us.

— Gail Gurley-Robins

Granite Quarry